„RFID im Blick“ Current Issue

„RFID im Blick“ Current Issue

The November Edition 2015: RFID and Automotive. More than 25 pages: Current use cases of the automotive production and supply industry, news about technology and visions! It is free for download!

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Welcome to the world of the RFID experts!

By Anja Van Bocxlaer |

Are you looking for an identification solution? Are you at the beginning of your research? Do you see a need for process optimization in your company? Have you heard of an RFID solution and want to have more information? Do you need an independent platform to meet business contacts and companies? Then you are in the right place.

Use the search options on this platform to get answers about technologies and solutions. If you would like to contact a specific provider, simply use the contact details in the company profile. On this marketplace, over 100 companies offer their expertise, advice and product portfolio to meet your identification challenges.

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Anja Van Bocxlaer

Anja Van Bocxlaer

Anja Van Bocxlaer

Chief Editor and Publishing Director
RFID im Blick

Phone: (+49) 4131-789529 11

Website: www.rfid-im-blick.de

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RFID tomorrow 2016

RFID tomorrow 2016September 19th - 20th 2016
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11 Technology Lectures | 32 User Lectures
35 Exhibitors | 30 SpeedLabs by RFID Companies with Live Demos

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Newest Marketplace Members

  • Invengo Technology | The Global RFID Technology Provider Invengo
    • RAIN RFID Fixed Reader
    • RAIN RFID Antennas
    • RAIN RFID & HF / Barcode Handheld Readers (Windows/Android)
    • RAIN RFID IoT Smart Phone
    • RAIN RFID, HF, NFC Tags & Inlays
    Keywords: NFC RFID
  • OPC Foundation | The Interoperability Standard for Industrial Automation™ OPC Foundation
    • International OPC UA is a IEC62541 Standard, 450 members worldwide
    • Security By Design
    • Scalable Sensor into the IT Cloud
    • Regardless of Manufacturer, Operating system and Industry
    • AIDC Compendium Available
  • Waldemar Winckel GmbH & Co. KG Waldemar Winckel
    • RFID Consulting
      Comprehensive consulting / Conceptual design of RFID based real time information systems
    • RFID System Integration
      Technical consulting, software development, RFID Lab, after sales services
    • Proprietary RFID label and tag production, user consulting, product development, professional measuring technology
    Keywords: NFC RFID Barcode
  • Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe | Zulieferer von „Right-Sized“ und fortschrittlichen Halbleiterlösungen Fujitsu Electronics
    • More than 30 years of experience in the European market.
    • Supplier of ‘right-sized‘ and progressive semiconductor solutions.
    • Integral part of its customers‘ supply chain
    • Close cooperation with dedicated engineering teams.
    Keywords: RFID
  • ruhlamat | solutions for your needs ruhlamat
    • Machine solutions for the production of electronic passports, contactless cards and dual interface cards
    • RFID inlay production
    • Machine solutions for various wire embedded solutions
    • Customized machine system solutions
    • Traditional special machinery
    Keywords: RFID Smart Cards
  • SICK | Sensor Intelligence SICK
    • Comprehensive AIDC product portfolio (1D, 2D and RFID for HF and UHF)
    • High decoding cameras for logistics applications
    • Technology undependent AIDC consulting
    • Calibrated laser volume measurement
    • Conception and implementation of customer specific RFID turnkey solutions
    • Development and production of smart labels, tags, tickets and reader systems
    • Internal development kits and comprehensive measuring and testing systems
    Keywords: RFID NFC
  • ifm electronic | We Are There for You! ifm electronic
    • Industrial RFID solutions with AS-Interface and 125 kHz or Ethernet and UHF
    • High reading reliability even under difficult ambient conditions
    • Easy installation and start-up
    • Extensive range of write / read heads, ID tags and mounting accessories
  • (SAG) Securitag Assembly Group Co., Ltd. SAG Securitag Assembly Group
    • Continuous focus on product innovation & technique improvement
    • Comprehensive expertise in tailored antenna, mechanical design and customization capabilities
    • Great flexibility in customized project development
    • Complete in-house manufacturing technology
    • High commitment to deliver consistent quality product and premium service
    • Extensive product portfolio for a wide range of RFID applications
    Keywords: RFID NFC Smart Cards
  • eAgile | RFID Made Easy eAgile
    • Custom design and high volume manufacture of UHF / LF / HF smart labels and tags
    • Variable or static printing and encoding services validated to 99.9999% accuracy
    • Intelligent packaging and asset visibility solutions for pharmaceutical, healthcare and logistics applications
    • ISO 9001:2008 QMS certified
    • RFID Consulting and prototyping services available
    Keywords: RFID Barcode
  • Fraunhofer Supply Chain Services SCS | Center for Intelligent Objects ZIO Fraunhofer IIS ZIO
    • We analyze markets and trends, optimize your processes, and develop new services
    • We ensure tailor-made technology applications and integrate smart objects into your corporate IT
    • The ZIO Partner Network is the driving force for new solutions and the basis for sustainable partnerships and business relations
    Keywords: RFID
  • Zebra Technologies | See more. Do more. Zebra Technologies

    Comprehensive range of robust and intuitive to use communication, printing and tracking solutions to increase the enterprise asset intelligence, including:

    • Wireless infrastructure and Internet of Things solutions
    • Stationary and mobile RFID printers and readers
    • Stationary and mobile barcode printers and scanners
    • Mobile Computer
    • Industrial, card and wristband printers as well as kiosk systems
    Keywords: RFID Barcode NFC
  • 7iD Technologies – RFID that works 7id
    • High-performance state-of-the-art standard software for AIDC
    • Custom UHF RFID solutions for physical challenging environments
    • Detailed industry know-how in automotive, railway and logistics
    Keywords: RFID NFC
  • BRESSNER Technology | Industrial Computing Solutions. Ready For Your Application BRESSNER
    • Comprehensive product portfolio
    • Turnkey complete solutions
    • ISO 9001:2008 certified
    • Client-specific project development
    • Project consulting
    Keywords: RFID Barcode
  • noFilis AIDC Solutions noFilis
    • CrossTalk: AIDC and RTLS Complete solutions with modular design
    • Integration of mobile and stationary AIDC and RTLS reading points in any IT infrastructure
    • The CrossTalk product family is established successfully at more than 200 customers in 30 countries
    • Software standard technology with a distinctive, global partner network regarding sales, implementation and support
    • Pre-configured business processes and visualization and reporting components
    Keywords: RFID Barcode
  • RF-Embedded | RFID directly from the Manufacturer RF-Embedded
    • Complete UHF RFID Reader portfolio, optionally adaptable to customer wishes (HW & SW)
    • HW & SW Development, technology independent
    • Simulation & Development of Antennas / HF-Systems
    • Development of specific passive and active (sensor) transponder (HW & SW)
    • Prototype construction, certification and series production by one supplier
    Keywords: RFID Sensor Systems
  • ENTIAC | IT, that works! ENTIAC
    • Intralogistics processes – We think process!
    • Complete Systems – Consulting, Hardware, Software, Implementation - Just one supplier!
    • AIDC/RFID Software – Mobile Barcode Solutions – Data glasses – Voice – Often it is a combination!
    • Integration with your ERP system – Only the holistic solution leads to success!
  • MADA Marx | competence & experience in RFID MADA
    • Manufacturing and development of identification media (RFID, ID Cards, Key and wristband transponder, Smart Cards, Hybrid media)
    • Personalization and ID card management systems (Soft- and Hardware)
    • Card printer with or without inline Encoding (Accessories, Consumables, …)
    • Visitor management and Foreign workers organization
  • Bornemann | Localaization & RFID Bornemann
    • High quality GPS hardware and RFID sensors for vehicles, machines, buildings, people and tools
    • Combination of GPS tracking and Active / Passive RFID for theft alarms, wireless sensors, wireless inventory, etc.
    • User-friendly web portal with safe German server location and Google Maps mapping service
    Keywords: RFID Sensor Systems
  • SMART Technologies ID | since 18 years OEM RFID products SMART Technologies ID
    • 100% OEM manufacturer with a comprehensive product portfolio of modules and readers
    • Longtime LEGIC full licence partner
    • RFID Standards as ISO14443A+B, LEGIC, ISO15693, ISO18092 (NFC) 125kHz and ISO11784
    • Development and production of customized RFID hardware solutions
    • Customized small series up to mass production
    Keywords: RFID NFC
  • freaquent froschelectronics | RFID Technology and beyond freaquent
    • Almost 2 decades of experience in the development of RFID hardware
    • High-End Reader and Antennas for LF and HF
    • Customer-specific developments and adjustments
    • Process consulting
    Keywords: RFID
  • Rinas Gerätetechnik | We don't just make devices. We set standards Rinas
    • Production equipment for RFID, magnet and Smart Cards
    • Individual or continuous ticket encoding
    • Card handling (separating, printing, scanning, sorting, stacking)
    • Bespoke machinery / customer-specific engineering
    • Electronic component and software development
  • Mieloo & Alexander | Technology enabled supply chain improvement Mieloo & Alexander
    • Supply chain and logistics consulting, specialized in AIDC and RFID technology
    • Turnkey design, realization and management of customized AIDC solutions
    • Modular, cloud based AIDC/RFID standard solutions for container management, intralogistics and time and attendance capturing
  • exceet Card Group | Manufacturer of RFID, dual interface and smart cards exceet Card Group
    • A market leader in RFID smart cards
    • A full service provider for smart cards and readers as well as secure payment solutions in mobile payment
    • State-of-the-art production sites with VISA and MASTERCARD certification
    • The world’s first card production using solar energy
    Keywords: RFID Smart Cards NFC
  • Gustav Wilms | Supply Chain Technologies Wilms
    • AIDC based logistics solutions
    • Transparent Multi way logistics, inter-company transportations, object localization
    • Process safety in production logistics – Batch traceability, VMI, Material control
    • RFID System Supplier – Development of customer - and industry-specific hard and software solutions
    • Logistics, process and technology consulting
    • Feasibility studies, on-site or in the logistic process Center
    Keywords: RFID Barcode
  • Roth & Rau - Ortner | RFID for Factory Automation Roth & Rau - Ortner
    • RFID systems for semiconductor industry applications and other cleanroom manufacturing areas
    • LF and HF readers incl. accessories (antennas etc.)
    • Development of customized RFID hardware and software
    Keywords: RFID
  • Plasticard-ZFT GmbH | Custom-made RFID Solutions Made in Dresden Plasticard-ZFT
    • Production of plastic, IC, RFID and ID cards
    • Personalization service (optical and electronic)
    • Card and application specific software solutions
    • Layout design
    • Kartendepot 2.0 - Web-based ordering system for personalized ID media
    • Mailing service
  • Pepperl+Fuchs | RFID is IDENT Control Pepperl+Fuchs
    • A RFID System for LF, HF and UHF readers
    • Application Solutions and tailor-made Products
    • Interfaces for all common Fieldbus Connections
    • Hotline Support and on-site Commissioning
    Keywords: RFID Barcode NFC
  • MELZER maschinenbau GmbH | Innovative Machinery Solutions MELZER
    • Production lines for RFID and ID products
    • Customized solutions
    • Diversity by the modular system
    Keywords: RFID
  • Harting Technologiegruppe | Ha-VIS RFID HARTING Technologiegruppe
    • Modular design RFID solution from Hardware to software and system integration from one supplier
    • Very robust transponders for harsh environments
    • Intelligent RFID readers and antennas for industry Environments
    Keywords: RFID Sensor Systems



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