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HID Global’s Durable RFID Transponders Achieves ATEX Certification for Safe Use in Explosive Environments

Pressemeldungen | von HID Global | 29. Mai 2013
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HID Global®, a worldwide leader in secure identity solutions, today announced it has achieved ATEX certification for its field-proven Logi Tag™ family of industrial radio frequency identification (RFID) tags that are highly water, chemical and shock resistant, and withstand peak temperatures. This certification adds to the company’s expansive offering of innovative IN Tag™ and industrial Glass Tags that are certified for safe use in potentially explosive environments.

ATEX* certification validates that HID Global RFID tags operate without danger of directly causing or contributing to an explosion when used in offshore drilling platforms, petrochemical plants, mines, flour mills and other flammable environments. This also extends to other process industries in which there is a mixture of gases, vapors, mists or dust in the air that can ignite at specific temperatures or under certain operating conditions. ATEX certification ensures safe deployment of automated systems in these potentially hazardous conditions and also validates that HID Global’s RFID tags perform while maintaining surface temperatures low enough to prevent the risk of ignition.

“Pursuing ATEX certification for our tags is an example of how HID Global works to anticipate and exceed customer needs across a wide range of environments and use cases,” said Richard Aufreiter, director of product management for Identification Technologies with HID Global. “Our integrator partners and their customers must meet rigorous safety standards for their complex systems, and HID Global’s RFID tags that are pre-certified to meet those standards help organizations save time and reduce costs.”

HID Global and its worldwide network of integrator partners help end customers optimize data accuracy, achieve compliance and optimize critical systems by employing RFID tagging products that align with the demands of a broad spectrum of industries and applications.


  • HID Global’s Logi Tag™ heavy-duty RFID tags that are highly water, chemical and shock resistant, and withstand peak temperatures up to 285°F achieve ATEX certification.
  • Pre-certifying RFID tags helps HID Global’s integrators and customers save time and expense.
  • This certification adds to the company’s expansive tag offering of authorized tags for safe use in hazardous and explosive environments.

*From the French Appareilsdestinés à êtreutilisés en ATmosphèresEXplosives, which translates as “equipment cleared for explosive environments.”

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