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RFID im Blick

Volvo Car Gent Takes Further Steps Towards the Implementation of RFID on the International Scale in China and Sweden

Use Cases | von PR RFID im Blick | 09. Mai 2014
„We followed a revolutionary concept that no one had before and the results speak for themselves: Today 2 millionVolvo cars are built carrying a UHF tag.“ „We followed a revolutionary concept that no one had before and the results speak for themselves: Today 2 millionVolvo cars are built carrying a UHF tag.“ BILD: Volvo

Concept Rollout

A Global Vision, One Unique Solution

Volvo Car Gent has been working on RFID for more than 20 years and has spent a lot of research, time and engagement on finding a concept that fits for an overall solution. Once more, Volvo proves to be a pioneer in implementing RFID by rolling out the concept to the production sites in China and Sweden.

By Yvan Jacquet, Project Manager - Data & RFID, Volvo Car Gent

One UHF Tag for all Processes

Today, the Volvo plant in Gent is using one tag, a passive UHF transponder, from the very beginning of the process line. The same tag is still used when the car leaves the factory. The tag is a disposal tag that stays permanently on the car: from the welding and paint shop to the final assembly shop. By now, more than 2 million cars were built on that concept in Gent. Between 2006 and 2008, Volvo decided to review the RFID approach completely, so a global vision was born: To have one unique solution for the complete production process. „That was a totally new concept that no one else had before“, says Yvan Jacquet, Project Manager - Data & Rfid, Volvo Car Gent.

More than 50.000 Tags Tested in the Process

„Our advantage was that we had strong experiences and built up our knowledge from the very beginning. It took us about 6 years to develop a complete solution. None of the suppliers could support us on this way by providing us with the right products to fit“, says Jacquet. More than 80 prototypes and 50.000 tags were tested in the process until the right solution was found. A new tag was developed and also the reader functionality had to be adapted to fight interferences and reflections caused by metal. „Today we are capable of running the whole process with full performance and a very low number of defects.“

Implementation in China and Sweden

In Gent the production has been fully running with these tags since one year an half in the welding shop, the paint shop, and Volvo is now finalizing the final assembly shop. „At the Mid of 2014 the complete final assembly shop will be installed. We are almost at the end of the project and have it fully running“, says Jacquet. In China, the deployment was done last year and since the beginning of this year, the complete welding shop, paint shop, and the final assembly is completely working, based on this concept. „So we completely copied and pasted the system in Gent to China. In Sweden we are currently working on the deployment in the final assembly shop, which is to be completed by 2015.

For the near future Volvo is also thinking about the next step. Having the tag on the car permanently renders possibilities to also use the ID for transportation, location at parking, at the dealer place, and many more.

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