Rinas: RFE Continuous Paper | Plastic Personalization Machine

Videos | von Rinas Gerätetechnik | 19. Dezember 2014
Rinas: RFE Continuous Paper | Plastic Personalization Machine BILD: Rinas Gerätetechnik

The RFE encoder has been designed to process both continuous and perforated tickets of differing lengths and widths; all that is required is a print mark on each ticket for correct positioning. All current RFID standards have been catered for as has ISO7811 for MagStripe encoding of HICO and LOCO tickets.

Ruggedized inkjet print units, each fitted with a dedicated print cartridge with an integrated print head, are installed for final personalization. In addition, scanner units can be integrated for OCR tasks, barcode or 2D code recognition, database retrieval of personalization information and quality inspection tasks after printing etc. Finally, tickets with defective transponders or identified as ‘failed’ are marked and logged accordingly.

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