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Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison: RFID inventory visibility solution for high value, chilled fresh foods with a short shelf life

Artikel | von Avery Dennison RFID | 09. Januar 2015
Avery Dennison RFID inlays - a key part in RFID systems Avery Dennison RFID inlays - a key part in RFID systems BILD: Avery Dennison RFID

Avery Dennison and IBM Denmark

Implementing RFID to Deliver Inventory Accuracy, Improved Efficiencies and Fast ROI for Food Retailers

Avery Dennison RBIS, together with IBM Denmark, has developed and implemented a turnkey RFID inventory visibility solution for high value, chilled fresh foods with a short shelf life.

A major Scandinavian retailer recently decided to collaborate with IBM to equip several shops with an RFID system for his fresh meats. The fresh meat category was chosen because its high value and short shelf life offered the greatest potential for a high return on investment.

Pilot Program in In-Store Butchery

In the pilot program, as the fresh meat arrives at the in-store butchery, it gets cut down and put into trays to be weighed and labeled. The RFID label used by IBM contains Avery Dennison’s AD-227m5 inlay which is encoded with an EPC number to match the barcode information. The labeled meat is then put either on the shop floor or in storage. In both cases, it will be tracked. During the workday, the butcher can monitor a computer screen that updates him on the number and type of goods available for sale on the floor. Because the shop floor inventory and the storage inventory are separate, the butcher can quickly check that all items are on display and that any sold items are immediately replenished. In addition, the system can identify items that need to be marked down due to pending expiration, and those that are beyond their ‘best before’ date. In order to close the loop, IBM also equipped PoS with RFID readers, and even equipped the exit doors with an ’invisible’ Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) gate.

RFID System Leads to Clear Increase in Profits

Although the RFID system had been operational for just over one year, the Scandinavian retailer could identify a clear increase in profits compared to the shops that did not have the RFID system. The fact that customers were consistently offered the full array of products combined with the reduced return rate to lower overall inventory, contributing to the shops’ bottom line growth. The EAS gate also allowed data capture on items that were removed from the store without going through the PoS system, alerting them to theft. These items were then removed from inventory and replenished on the shop floor.

The IBM RFID infrastructure is optimized to the Avery Dennison’s AD-227m5 inlay, which fulfills the technical requirements at all read points. Our strong experience with food, as well as our technical expertise in RFID, makes Avery Dennison a valuable technology partner for food retailers around the world.

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