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exceet Card Group: Dual Interface Cards for Two German Lighthouse Projects in the Banking Sector

Use Cases | von exceet Card Group | 15. Januar 2015
Easy payment and multifunctional services - innovative projects drive the ubiquity of contactless smart cards. Easy payment and multifunctional services - innovative projects drive the ubiquity of contactless smart cards. BILD: exceet Card Group

Payment Goes Contactless

Contactless payment is gaining more and more momentum in daily life. Furthermore, the number of potential applications in all-around everyday scenarios is growing steadily. Frank Ludwig, Head of Segment Banking & Health, exceet Card Group, predicts a total volume growth of nine to twelve percent by 2015 for the Smart Cards market. The main segments are telecommunication, healthcare, and banking. Driven by the banking industry, two significant lighthouse projects are taking place in Germany, one with millions of Dual Interface cards already in use. Also, mobile payment solutions such as “Mobile Pockets“ may soon become more popular.

“girogo“ Project Showing the Way Ahead

exceet Card Group was one of the first German Smart Card manufacturers supplying Dual Interface Cards to the ‘Deutscher Sparkassenverlag‘ for the “girogo“ project. girogo is a contactless payment function developed by the German banking industry. It is integrated into all debit cards issued by cooperating credit institutions. In terms of technology, girogo is based on a Dual Interface Card, including a contact-based and a contactless interface. This allows cardholders to pay amounts up to 20 euros without entering a PIN or a signature – quickly, easily, and comfortably. “By now, we have delivered millions of cards for this lighthouse project to the Sparkassenverlag, a contactless payment pioneer in the German banking sector“, says Ludwig. In total, 45 million SparkassenCards with girogo are going to be rolled out.

Multifunctional City Card Project Will Go Live in 2015

Another significant project, embedding contactless cards into every-day scenarios, is a City Card project which is currently in progress in Germany. The pilot is scheduled for the end of 2014, and the rollout is planned to start in 2015. Inititated by a regional bank, the core of this banking solution will be a Mastercard Paypass Card with Dual Interface chip application, which exceet will provide in cooperation with a card issuer. Local merchants and service providers have worked on this multifunctional platform which will provide citizens with multiple services: By means of this card, users can pay public transport tickets, but they can also take advantage of other regional and urban services, such as car and bike sharing, library lending, as well as paying parking fees or e-car charging at charging stations. “It is a brand new approach in Germany to use a credit card featuring contact-based and contactless functionality for different applications and offers in the region” says Ludwig, a model which will have great potential.

Mobile Pocket Takes Loyalty Cards to a New Level

NFC smart cards or smartphones are also making their way into daily life, providing new innovative services for consumers. Similar to loyalty cards, they can be used easily in mobile loyalty programs. With “Mobile Pocket“ exceet provides an electronic solution which stores loyalty cards on the smartphone, making cash vouchers or loyalty points available on the user‘s phone whenever he makes a payment. “In Austria, the platform has already been very successful, which is why we are convinced that it will soon gain ground in Germany as well. This solution is also NFC ready and will allow mobile payments in the future as well“, says Ludwig. He adds: “exceet is excellently positioned to provide smart card solutions from end to end. With our longstanding experience and production facilities in Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic, we cover the whole value chain: design, production, and services for the entire range of card technologies. As a solution provider, we are always following innovative paths, this also applies to mobile payment solutions and new promising technologies like NFC.“

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