Smartrac: Sensor Tadpole voted “Best New Product” at RFID Journal Live! 2016

Videos | von SMARTRAC TECHNOLOGY | 11. Mai 2016

Smartrac’s Sensor Tadpole, the first-ever passive RAIN RFID water sensor tag that works on metal surfaces such as automobile chassis, has won first prize in the “Best New Product” category at the prestigious 2016 RFID Journal Awards in Orlando.

Introduced in November 2015 as the second member of Smartrac’s product family of passive sensor inlays, Sensor Tadpole is a passive UHF sensor tag designed to work on metal surfaces, with minimum signal degradation from surrounding structures. The tag has a strong adhesive and small, slim form factor, and is used to detect small amounts of water leakage inside vehicle compartments, which can damage a car’s electronics, cabin or trunk.

Cost-effective, fast and accurate water intrusion detection

Delivering on its promises of cost-effectiveness and fast and accurate water intrusion detection, Sensor Tadpole was already in commercial deployment by the time of its official launch. Several German OEMs have successfully tested the passive sensor tag in high-end cars to ensure that they leave the factory watertight. Smartrac is currently preparing trials with further automobile manufacturers around the globe. The solution may also find applications in aviation manufacture, shipbuilding and more.

“We take pride in the recognition Sensor Tadpole has won within a very short period of time. Sensor Tadpole truly is a breakthrough RFID application for quality control, enabling automated and reliable water detection and avoiding costly rework after delivery. It’s definitely a worthy winner of the “Best New Product” award at RFID Journal Live! 2016 and we look forward to next year’s contest, since we just presented Sensor Temperature DogBone, the world’s first passive temperature-level sensing RAIN RFID inlay, at this year’s event in Orlando,” said Lauri Hyytinen, Head of Automotive Segment, Intelligent Things Business Division at Smartrac.

A growing family of passive sensor inlays

Smartrac’s product portfolio of passive sensor inlays based on RFMicron’s Magnus® S IC series comprises the following inlays: Sensor DogBone (general-purpose moisture detection), Sensor Patch (diaper and fabric moisture detection), the award-winning Sensor Tadpole (on-metal moisture detection) and the newly introduced Sensor Temperature DogBone (high-accuracy temperature and basic moisture detection).

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