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NXP: Creating Secure Connections and Infrastructure for a Smarter World

Artikel | von NXP Semiconductors | 06. Juni 2016

RFID in 2016

INNOVATION – Creating the future

“Innovation is our watchword, and goes hand in hand with talent to ensure that NXP takes the lead in the markets in which it operates. Through innovation we protect our competitive edge, helping our customers differentiate new and unique applications for modern consumer electronics that positively affect all aspects of life. Today we are working towards the future, focused on the megatrends of energy efficiency, connected devices, security, and health. By aligning our innovations with these areas, we key into growth-market revenue streams. Not only that, our close collaboration with customers and key eco system players plays a fundamental role in the advancement of modern society: as the world changes, its needs and product requirements evolve, and this is the source of our innovation.”

Written by Ralf Kodritsch, Director Segment Manager RFID Solutions

Smart Secure Connected Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) is drastically changing how people interact with objects and devices at home, at work, and out in the world. It is creating significant excitement with predictions of endless opportunities for extra convenience, comfort, and efficiency for the end-user. The rapid increase of electronic content and connectivity in automobiles, increasing demands for networking bandwidth, connected industrial and medical electronics, connected homes, and the proliferation of smart mobile devices are all driving technology innovation and security leadership at NXP to help the world develop smart, secure and connected solutions.

Inventory & Supply Chain Management

From apparel to food tagging, library books to animal tagging, high value assets to surgery sponges, RFID technology has transformed inventory and supply chain management. The increased visibility and greater accuracy of RFID technology with its item-level serialized identification, bulk reading capabilities, and the fact that there is no line-of-sight needed helps to more effectively identify, locate and authenticate objects, control costs, and satisfy customers.

Brand Protection

RFID / NFC enhances protection against counterfeiting and tax revenue losses. From a wide variety of security levels NXP offers, the most suitable one can be applied to serve diverse applications. RFID provides transparency along the supply chain, thereby identifying illicit trade. With more than 1 billion NFC enabled phones as a potential install base in the market, NFC is the perfect means to protect the brand and identify faked products since the consumers themselves can check the product’s authenticity.

Consumer InteractionConsumer Interaction

Consumer Interaction

RFID and NFC technologies enable retailers and brands to provide personalized, interactive, and targeted content to the consumer. Examples include NFC tagged smart objects or personalized marketing offers at targeted locations like the “magic mirrors”: monitors that suggest complementary accessories, or other personalized, interactive content, which improve cross-selling opportunities.

Secure Connected Vehicles

Experts say that the car industry will develop more in the next decade than it has in the last fifty years, due to the rise in connectivity and mobile technology. Ultimately the vehicles will be transformed into ‘super computer’ on wheels, housing huge amounts of data to enable safer and more efficient driving practices. Transforming the car from a simple mode of transport into a mobile information hub, NXP’s robust in-vehicle networking and secure interfaces connect vehicles to each other and to the outside world. NXP’s systems capture data, process it, and share control with drivers in critical situations. Hence, driving becomes safer, easier, and more fun. The industry is gearing itself up for the age of the ‘connected car’.

End-to-End Security and Privacy

Security is a race and staying ahead is a major challenge. We know security is an increasingly critical part of the connected solutions which are used and designed. Identity theft is at an alltime high. Data privacy concerns are arising on pace with the growth of connected devices. And newly-connected command and control systems present attractive targets for hackers. NXP is the global leader in security solutions for personal identification, contactless payment, authentication, data transport and application processing.

A new layer of trust is created by working together with partners and industry experts to implement cutting edge security, configurability, and compatibility across all technologies. This layer of trust, used to issue, derive, and authenticate secure identities that provide the confidence necessary to authenticate and provision any kind of user or service in any format at any time.

The new NXP

Freescale joined NXP to create “the new NXP” — the fourth-largest non-memory semiconductor company in the world. By merging Freescale’s strength in microprocessors, RF and digital networking with NXP’s leadership in security and connectivity, the company is creating more value and solutions.

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