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Oslo University Hospital installed an RFID access control system with great success

Use Cases | von Unitronic Security | 07. Juni 2016
1.2 million patients receive treatment each year. Furthermore, more than 20,000 employees work for the hospital at more than 40 different locations. 1.2 million patients receive treatment each year. Furthermore, more than 20,000 employees work for the hospital at more than 40 different locations. BILD: Norwegian Rikshospitalet

Idesco installation offers a high level of security and a full access control system

When it was time to replace the old access control system, the Norwegian Rikshospitalet (Oslo University Hospital) looked for an installation that was cost-effective and easy to handle but also provided high security standards and a built-in option for future updates. Ultimately, Idesco’s 8 CD 2.0 Slim Pin DESFire readers met the hospital‘s needs best. Hence, G4S Secure Solutions AS, the largest security services provider in the world, deployed eight hundred of Idesco readers in Oslo University Hospital’s new access control system.

Smooth installation and built-in option

The hospital’s former access control system was thirteen years old when it was replaced. By the end of its lifecycle, it had grown increasingly difficult to secure replacement parts for the system. Consequently, Rikshospitalet now wanted their system designed to be cost-effective, with a built-in anticipation of future needs, updates, and evolution. Notably, G4S’ installation phase was fast and convenient, enabling them to meet a comparatively tight deadline (work commenced August 2013 and finished well before Christmas). “The Idesco Slim PIN reader range is well-designed, allowing it to be installed in most environments. Idesco’s convenient new installation back-plate option in particular helped streamline the installation of their readers. This was important because the hospital was fully operational throughout the installation,” Jan Terje By, G4S’ product manager, describes the smooth installation process. Indeed, it only took an average of 15 minutes to replace an old device with a new one.

The ideal solution for both the hospital and the security provider

The Oslo University hospital as well as the security services provider and system integrator G4S strongly value full control over their system’s management, with minimal participation by third-party companies. Idesco’s RFID-based technology innovation, open technology 8 CD 2.0 DESFire readers, offered an ideal solution to meet the needs of both the Rikshospitalet and the security provider. Consequently, the Oslo University was especially pleased by the relatively smooth transition since implementing completely new systems frequently requires significant end user resources. Another positive feature of Idesco readers can be found in their uncomplicated update settings. Idesco’s readers are easily updated with no uninstallation required, making the system much easier to manage. Jan Terje By adds that, “We prefer Idesco’s readers because their technical features allow us to completely manage all security data within the chosen RFID technology and reader configuration settings.”

Full control in system management

G4S also used Idesco’s user-friendly coding tool, DESCoder, for management of the Rikshospitalet’s system readers. This tool was explicitly designed to provide integrators and installers with as a range of control as possible over security keys, reader configurations, and reader updates. “The graphical user interface and system topology are very intuitive and easy to learn, making the management of readers very easy, even when using advanced RFID technology security structures. Changing reader settings, security levels and even RFID technology is all done without ever removing the physical reader – and also without any operational delays. It’s particularly valuable for integrators and end-users to be able to create and manage their own security keys and readers’ settings,” Jan Terje By describes the tool. He adds: “While admittedly this is an security issue, it’s also about retaining full control of your system. These two areas are particularly important to us – security and having full control over our system’s ongoing evolution.” As a result, the Rikshospitalet can now expect both convenient system maintenance and a long system life span.

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