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FEIG ELECTRONICS Establishes New, Limited Lifetime Warranty For RFID Identification Products

Pressemeldungen | von FEIG ELECTRONIC | 07. Oktober 2016

FEIG ELECTRONICS stands behind the reliability of its electronic identification products and carries a special warranty equal to the claim

FEIG ELECTRONICS customers now have something else to be satisfied about in using the company’s RFID Identification products: a new, industry-leading limited lifetime warranty that matches FEIG’s existing product quality and reliability.

The new warranty – active six years from the date of shipment – applies to all FEIG Identification products including classic, classic pro, i-scan HF, i-scan UHF, and myAXXESS purchased in the U.S. on or after May 1, 2016.

With over one million readers deployed around the world with a 99.99 percent reliability rate (measured by total shipments vs. total returns), this special warranty assures longer term support for FEIG product users.

The warranty applies to all FEIG RFID readers, including the recently re-designated OBID product lines to RFID Identification Products.

FEIG customers have six months from the date of purchase to register their FEIG Identification RFID products and activate the warranty.

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