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Incredible but true - SAG's new UHF SP Metal Tag also works behind metal!

Videos | von Securitag Assembly Group | 11. Oktober 2016
Incredible but true - SAG's new UHF SP Metal Tag also works behind metal! BILD: Securitag Assembly Group

With focus on the industrial market, SAG has developed behind-metal transponder to facilitate different applications. True to its name, the tag is still readable when placed behind metal. The new arrival SP Metal Tag comes with EU-band and a robust overmolded plastic housing (PA9T) for process monitoring and optimization in logistic, production, manufacturing or IoT. Last September the SP metal tag was successfully presented the RFID world at RFID tomorrow 2016 in Dusseldorf, Germany – the biggest RFID show in Europe.

What makes the tag incredible is its capability to reverse the interference caused by the metallic surface to become its steering power. This feature is impossible among RFID industry worldwide but our design makes it come true!! The tag proves itself in our lab (testing numbers and figures as shown in diagrams).

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