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Video: Confidex Links™ - World first modular NFC tag portfolio for high-volume applications

Videos | von Confidex | 09. Dezember 2016
Confidex Links™ is here! Confidex Links™ is here! BILD: Confidex

Confidex Links™ – the fastest link between your product and your content. Via NFC.

The product line’s modularity is based on multiple options related to the tag’s chip memory, label materials and optional Confidex services for printing, encoding and branding of the tags.

Confidex Links Your digital content to smart packages, print media and products.

The user sets the desired temperature limits, measurement interval and other configuration data prior to attaching the label to the monitored item. When preferred, the configuration data can already be set at the Confidex factory. The Confidex TempLabel™ is disposable.

Confidex TempLabel™ is available on a project basis. For exact specifications, samples and quotations, please contact Confidex Sales.

User base nearing 2 billion

Most smartphones currently shipping are NFC enabled. By 2017 there will be about 2 billion NFC phones in daily use globally. This means you already have a vast user base out there, ready to discover the content you want to share.

Get started quickly and easily

To create and use NFC applications you don’t need to build a complex and expensive RFID infrastructure. Also, using NFC is ”cloud free”: you’re not tied to any single cloud service provider. Your content can be stored anywhere online.

Create more value to your customers

Give your customers the information they need in the right place at the right time. Share your marketing messages, user guides, videos, location and directions, cool new apps, product authentications… all with just one touch.

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