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SSI Schäfer

SSI Schäfer: Automated warehouses for Brazil

Use Cases | von SSI Schäfer | 27. Mai 2017
In Camaçari, a five aisled high-bay warehouse with 46,200 storage spaces was built for double storage. In Camaçari, a five aisled high-bay warehouse with 46,200 storage spaces was built for double storage. BILD: SSI Schäfer

SSI Schäfer realised three major projects for the Brazilian Boticário Group

SSI Schäfer raised the efficiency of intralogistics and the service quality of the Boticário Group, the world‘s largest cosmetics franchise company, to a sustainable level over the last three years. 90,000 pallet storage positions in total, the latest hardware and software components, intelligent material flows, and reliable project management provide the foundation for a successful, long-term partnership.

New distribution centre in São Gonçalo dos Campos

SSI Schäfer created a distribution centre with the latest conveyor and order picking technology in São Gonçalo dos Campos. There, pallets of finished products from the distribution centre in Camaçari are consolidated and outsourced for order picking in 20,000 storage locations. The boxes are taken down from the pallet and are tagged with the help of a mobile printer. The conveyor belt leads the boxes to the exact picking location, where the order picking of the articles takes place according to the label. Thus, the dispatch warehouse achieves an overall order picking output of more than 1,800 boxes per hour.

Tried and tested cooperation

SSI Schäfer‘s first automated warehouse for the Boticário Group was retrofitted in 2002. SSI Schäfer was assigned to directly connect the empties buffer storage at the production site in São José dos Pinhais to the production lines and to an existing guide groove storage via efficient conveyor technology. The stacker cranes were designed for changing aisles and are equipped with cutting-edge control technology. The control system of the modernised warehouse was incorporated into the warehouse management system.

Efficient processes in São José dos Pinhais

In 2012, SSI Schäfer was contracted to create a new automated highbay warehouse for the production warehouse in São José dos Pinhais. Just one year later, the warehouse was operational. The six-aisle highbay warehouse contains 24,000 storage positions. Hence, the storage capacity of the location was doubled using the same space. At the same time, the entire warehouse control system was readjusted to SSI Schäfer‘s logistics software WAMAS®. “The automation of processes enables us to dispatch 2,400 pallets to regional distribution centres daily,” says Miguel Letenski Neto, Supply Chain Director, Boticário Group.

Cutting-edge logistics centre in Camaçari

In Camacari, construction of a five-aisle high-bay warehouse with 46,200 storage places for double deep storage started in 2013. Controlled by WAMAS®, resources and packaging material for production supply and dispatch are stored there, as well as finished products. At the incoming goods department one area is assigned to packaging materials and pallets from other warehouses and a second area is assigned to finished products of the location. In the third area, pallets with packaging materials and resources that were not used up during production are accepted.

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