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OPC Foundation Joins "The Open Group"

Pressemeldungen | von OPC Foundation | 25. August 2017

The OPC Foundation is pleased to announce that it has joined “The OpenGroup” and plans to actively participate in The Open Process Automation™ Forum initiative recognizing the extraordinary value that “The Open Group” is doing and specifically the activities of The Open Process Automation™ Forum.

The OPC Foundation has developed a whitepaper, an introspective on process automation, elaborating on the vision of OPC UA and why the OPC Foundation is engaging in the The Open Process Automation™ Forum.

The OPC Foundation originally started back in 1995 with the letters OPC standing for OLE for Process Control. We’ve come a long way since those days, developing the best specifications, technology, and certification. We also have been continually working with the OPC community to develop standards that truly provide a complete infrastructure and solution for multiplatform, secure, reliable, information integration interoperability from the embedded world to the cloud.

The work of The Open Process Automation™ Forum is very germane to the OPC Foundation vison. Literally thousands of person-years have been spent with competitor companies working together to develop these OPC Foundation interoperability standards.

The OPC Foundation vision includes the key element of information modeling, providing a foundation for other standards organizations to directly plug-in their data/information models into OPC UA.

Please download the white paper on “Introspective on Achieving Information Integration Interoperability in Process Automation”.

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