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Neosid introduces RFID interface sensors

Artikel | von Neosid Pemetzrieder | 07. November 2017
Active RFID dataloggers can save temperature curves and other sensor data. Active RFID dataloggers can save temperature curves and other sensor data. BILD: Neosid

Expanded sensor functionality turns RFID transponders into multi-functional devices

With its RFID interface sensor, Neosid expands its portfolio with a new type of product. The innovative RFID tags are able to measure physical properties such as temperature, moisture, pressure, oscillation, or acceleration. Through additional sensor data, the quality of logistics and manufacturing processes can be improved. Matthias Höß and Yilmaz Benzer, Neosid, share their insights into new RFID applications in an interview with “RFID & Wireless IoT Global”.

Matthias Höß, Lead Developer, and Yilmaz Benzer, Sales & Marketing, Neosid, in an interview with “RFID & Wireless IoT Global”

Quality control for sensitive materials

One of many possible areas of application for the tag, according to Lead Developer Matthias Höß, is in pharma and medicine: “The thermal sensor provides quality control for sensitive areas. When transporting medicinal implants, for example, the constant temperature of the shipment has to be strictly and reliably monitored. Stents, for example, are treated with an antibiotic and have to be stored and transported at stable temperatures. If the cold chain is interrupted, the product is damaged and rendered unusable. In order to establish valid documentation, a temperature transponder can be transported in the same container as the items themselves.”

The new SensorTag was created on the basis of the established NeoTAG transponders and combines the RFID tag and sensor functionalities in a compact form – a diameter of 26 millimetres and a thickness of 3.9 millimetres. Because of the Neosid's developmental capacities, the tag size can be adapted to customer demand.

Matthias HößMatthias Höß “The company is always open to inquiries for customised tags,” Höß underlines. “The impulse to develop this new transponder came from our clients, who approached us with the need for a reliable transponder for sensitive areas of application. After the first talks, development of the SensorTag took approximately one year.”

Active sensors save temperature curves

Because of the different requirements of its customers, Neosid offers a passive and an active version of the SensorTag. While the passive sensor registers the current temperature and can transmit it via HF RFID communication, the active sensor can save temperature curves. Alternatively, gradients of other physical properties of their combinations can be measured. An application oriented parameter control enables adjusting measuring time, limits and signal resolution. This way, the effectiveness of transported medicine or the freshness of food items can be controlled and documented.

The full article has been published in the "Company & Application Guide 2017 RFID | NFC | Smart Cards". Download your free copy  today and continue reading on page 118!

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