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Swedish Herpa Tech offers tailor-made RFID, stick-to-skin, and security products

Artikel | von herpa print | 08. November 2017
Herpa Tech offers customised RFID, stick-to-skin, and security products, for healthcare, industry, and more. Herpa Tech offers customised RFID, stick-to-skin, and security products, for healthcare, industry, and more. BILD: Herpa Tech

Company provides tailor-made solutions for healthcare, security, and more

Herpa Tech, Herpa Print's RFID division, provides customised labelling solutions to customers from healthcare, automotive, apparel, security, cosmetics, and others. With a strong focus on healthcare, the company not only offers RFID products but also stick-to-skin applications.

Peter Nilsson, CEO of Herpa Tech, talks about stick-to-skin cannulas and plasters, as well as the company's RFID solutions for pharmaceutical and security applications. Peter Nilsson also takes a look into the future, expecting Herpa Tech to grow by 60 percent in 2017.

Peter Nilsson, CEO, Herpa Tech, in an interview with "RFID & Wireless IoT Global"

Herpa Tech specialises in tailor-made customer solutions

Formed one and a half year ago as German label specialist Herpa Tech's Swedish-based RFID division, Herpa Print specialises in tailor-made products.

Peter NilssonPeter Nilsson “Herpa Tech only produces according to customer inquiries. We have no standardised products or solutions in stock. With the exception of inlays and digital printing processes, all our products are produced 100 percent in Sweden. Due to former business relations with Herpa Print prior to the new establishment as Herpa Tech, the company can rely on previously gained know-how, established procedures and reliable technology and machinery.

The new production facility was ISO-certified after six months. Hence, customers who contact us with an inquiry can expect the highest technological standards. Our R&D division serves customers with ideas, different models and approaches, as well as extensive try-out phases and pilots. It is Herpa Tech's motto to look at an inquiry from all angles from a unique, out of the box perspective,” Peter Nilsson explains.

Stick-to-skin and RFID products for healthcare sector

One major application area for Herpa Tech products is the healthcare sector. “The company not only produces RFID solutions but also other medical devices such as stick-to-skin applications for the healthcare market. One of our stick-to-skin solutions allows wireless ECGs from home so that patients benefit from fewer hospital visits. Moreover, we offer stick-to-skin plasters of cannulas for diabetes patients. We also provide tracking and monitoring solutions for medical labelling.”

“The pharmaceutical industry mostly uses disposable products, for example, disposable liquids in pharmaceutical test equipment or disposable test tube material, as well as disposable electronic components that we can label. Medication is another possible application area. Moreover, Herpa Tech products can ensure product security and process security in the healthcare environment via RFID to ensure that only suitable components are used,” Herpa Tech's CEO states.

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