Smartrac Showcases What the ‘Internet of Your Things’ Has in Store

Pressemeldungen | von SMARTRAC TECHNOLOGY | 19. Januar 2018
Smartrac "Proofs" leverages innovative NFC tags that provide a proof of authentication. Smartrac "Proofs" leverages innovative NFC tags that provide a proof of authentication. BILD: Smartrac

At NRF 2018 in New York, Smartrac showcased the way toward the ‘Internet of Your Things’. Together with its partners Blue Bite and Temera, the RFID and IoT pacesetter also presented innovative solutions and real-world examples of how brand owners and retailers can utilize it here and now.

Once products are digitized via embedded RFID technology and the digital IDs associated with the tags are securely married with the product data, the stage is set for the profitable utilization of the newly created ‘Internet of Your Things’.

Improving consumer experience

Digital content provision specialist Blue Bite demonstrated solutions it has developed for many leading brands like Spyder and Dyne. These solutions leverage Smartrac’s NFC technology and provide enhanced product value and an improved consumer experience.

"We were excited to be featured as part of the Smartrac NRF showcase. In terms of a product’s full lifecycle from concept to production, and from a store into a user's hands, our combined ability to provide a fully integrated, end-to-end solution is something truly unique in the marketplace", said Mikhail Damiani, CEO and Co-Founder of Blue Bite.

Simplifying logistics and production processes

Luxury software applications specialist Temera presented an array of latest solutions tailored to the needs of the high fashion and luxury markets, for instance Interactive Fitting Room and Digital Warranty. Temera joined forces with Smartrac almost one year ago.

“It is our pleasure to join Smartrac and to showcase our services and solutions that simplify our customers’ logistics and production processes, while providing anti-counterfeiting functionality and end-customer market analysis”, said Arcangelo D’Onofrio, CEO and Founder of Temera.

Redefining product authentication

Besides its own Experiences customer loyalty and engagement solution, Smartrac provided live demos of its comprehensive product authentication solution called Proofs. This solution leverages innovative NFC tags that provide a proof of authentication. Each time an NFC-enabled mobile device is tapped on these tags, one-time authentication tokens are generated and transmitted as a new, unique portion of a URL. Since that link cannot exist twice, it is for the very first time possible to identify copied links. To leverage that ability, Smartrac has created a Web Service that verifies the tokenized web link and hence empowers brand owners to react appropriately.

“During Retail’s BIG Show in New York, Smartrac and its partners have convincingly substantiated the claim that the ‘Internet of Your Things” not only exists, but that it also pays off for our customers. The possibilities for its utilization are truly limitless,” says Amir Mobayen, Chief Revenue Officer at Smartrac.

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