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in Pressemeldungen | von Invengo Technology | 26. Juli 2017

Invengo Textile Services announced the launch of ACUITY Connect, a mobile linen inventory management solution designed for industrial laundries, hotels, and hospitals. Designed in response to customer feedback and demand, ACUITY Connect combines a highly performant handheld UHF reader and a cloud-based mobile app. It allows linen managers to gain rapid and real-time overview of their stocks to better control linen going in and out their facility, to improve the management of their daily/monthly requirements and to optimize their labor costs.

in Pressemeldungen | von Invengo Technology | 02. März 2017

Invengo kündigt dünnstes High-Performance UHF RFID-Tag für das Tracking von Textilien an: das LinTRAK-Slim

Der weltweite RFID-Technologieanbieter Invengo gab den Start einer neuen Textil-Tag-Generation bekannt: das LinTRAK-Slim basiert auf der modernsten Chip-Technologie und ist der dünnste derzeit erhältliche UHF RFID-Tag für die Wäsche- und Textildienstleistungsbranche.

in Pressemeldungen | von Invengo Technology | 19. Januar 2017

Key market players confirm the need for easy and affordable identification and localization products

Invengo, the global RFID technology provider, is proud to share the first Invengo-Intellifi training, organized to support its InPower Channel partners in the APAC region, was positively received by more than 50 key market players.

in Pressemeldungen | von Invengo Technology | 27. Oktober 2016

Invengo, the global RFID technology provider, today announced the acquisition of a 10% stake in SML Holdings Ltd., the Hongkong-headquartered total brand identification technology and solution provider for the global retail and apparel industry. With a presence in over 30 countries and manufacturing facilities around the world, SML delivers best-in-class products and solutions built on a great technology and thorough understanding of their customers and the retail market.

in Pressemeldungen | von Invengo Technology | 13. September 2016

Invengo, the Global RFID Technology Provider, announced the relocation of its French entity Invengo Technologies to new office space to accommodate the rapid growth and future expansion plans for its Textile Services and Custom Applications business.