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Innovative RFID Solutions Tailored for Adverse Environments

Schreiner LogiData, the RFID competence center of Schreiner Group, develops and produces innovative RFID label solutions and systems. The portfolio ranges from user-oriented technology consultancy and the selection of suitable hardware and software components, all the way to the manufacture of functional transponder labels. All of Schreiner LogiData’s product developments and solutions are tailored to customers’ specific needs.

Schreiner LogiData provides for a broad spectrum of demanding RFID label applications. High performance and superior reliability even in difficult environments is the guideline of Schreiner LogiData’s system offering.

Specialized RFID labels for industrial applications

The ((rfid))-DistaFerr product family addresses the demand for RFID label application on metal and ESD – even in applications which include harsh conditions or high temperatures (up to 230°C). Specially designed RFID labels are ideal for applying to plastic on returnable transport items or returnable plastic containers.

((rfid))-Windshield Labels enable contactless, automatic vehicle identification (AVI) for access monitoring, fleet management, and car sharing as well as electronic billing of parking space or toll roads.

NFC labels provide a new service of product life cycle applications and end usercommunication thanks to their convenient transmission standards over short distances of a few centimeters, which may interact with mobile phones.


  • Data Carrier Manufacturer RFID Labels, RFID Tickets, Passive Transponders, HF Transponders, UHF Transponders, NFC Transponders
  • Provider of Process Consulting, Complete Systems
  • Special Issues Data Protection, Counterfeit Protection
  • Hardware Distributor RFID Read/Write Devices, Barcode Scanners, Hybrid Systems (Barcode and RFID), RFID Printers, Barcode Printers
  • Technologies RFID , NFC , Barcode , Wireless Sensing
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Core Competencies
  • Development, concept design and production of customized RFID label solutions in the HF (13.56 MHz) and UHF (860 to 960 MHz) ranges
  • Customized versions also available for harsh industrial environments
  • RFID system consultancy and support

((rfid))-DistaFerr SL Label

((rfid))-DistaFerr SL Label

((rfid))-DistaFerr ESD Label

((rfid))-DistaFerr ESD Label

((rfid))-HighTemp Label

((rfid))-HighTemp Label

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