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Company Profile

B-Id - A leading RFID supplier for Europe B-Id

A leading RFID supplier for Europe

Since its establishment in 2002, B-Id GmbH & Co. KG has become one of the leading developers, manufacturers and suppliers of RFID hardware with focus in the European and North America markets.

As a reputable OEM/ ODM supplier, B-Id has always been energetically involved in the development of industrial RFID transponders for customer projects. We have the experience and work with wide variety of materials.

RFID products with unique features and designs have been developed and mass produced for many customer specific applications in the past. 

B-Id offers robust RFID products that operate in the UHF, HF, or LF frequency bands, and can withstand adverse environmental conditions, such as extreme temperature range, harsh chemicals, or metallic surfaces.

Always the right solution with B-Id

RFID products from B-Id include single and dual frequency ISO cards and keyfobs, token, prelams, ruggedized UHF inlays and labels, readers, and many other specialized transponders. Smart Display Card is the latest product introduced by B-Id.

With electronic paper (e-paper) as the built-in display, an ISO Card can function as a One-Time Password (OTP) or Store Value Card (SVC) card. The newest generation of smart cards even has a fingerprint sensor embedded in the card for on card authentication.

No matter what your RFID needs might be, you can always find the right solution at B-Id.


  • Hardware Manufacturer RFID Read/Write Devices
  • Data Carrier Manufacturer RFID Labels, RFID Cards, Active Transponders, Passive Transponders, LF Transponders, HF Transponders, UHF Transponders, NFC Transponders
  • Manufacturer of RFID Components Inlays, Read/Write Modules
  • Technologies RFID , Smart Cards , NFC
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Core Competencies


  • OEM/ODM solutions for industrial applications
  • Cards and Prelams in LF, HF, UHF and Hybrid
  • UHF, HF and LF Transponders such as key fobs and screw tags
  • Glass tags in 125kHz, 13.56MHz & 134.2kHz
  • Display Cards
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