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RFID tag and contactless ticketing competence

Confidex is the world’s leading supplier of high performing contactless ticketing and RFID tag solutions and services to make supply chains, transactions and authentication of goods and people more efficient and secure.

Today, we are innovating and working together with our customers in applying our solutions to help people and companies address their business and operational challenges by fusing our strong combination of RFID tag design competence, RF engineering, customization, and manufacturing experience.

Your full service partner for tags and labels

Confidex’s goal is to be a full-service partner in providing RFID tag and RFID label services for its customers. The services are built on our strong roots in RFID design and the manufacturing experience of more than 660 million RFID labels, tags, and smart tickets, topped with a customercentered approach.

Besides supplying durable and reliable tags and labels, the products are typically delivered highly personalized – with specific artwork and electronically encoded data. We also offer various additional options such as encryption or other security features, alternative delivery formats, or customized sizes, depending on customer requirements.


  • Data Carrier Manufacturer RFID Labels, RFID Tickets, Passive Transponders, UHF Transponders, NFC Transponders
  • Technologies RFID , NFC
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Core Competencies
  • Extensive RF Design and comprehensive manufacturing experience to supply industry’s leading RFID tags and labels
  • Customizing the RFID tags and labels according to customer requirements
  • Industry standard compliant products offered in various fields incl. Automotive RFID applications
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