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Kathrein Solutions is revolutionizing the way of working with RFID, AutoID, sensors, and RTLS technologies, and has become a recognized innovator and market-leader in the AutoID sector.

Kathrein provides an AutoID turnkey portfolio including hardware, software, services, and support. From the initial proof of concept up to global rollouts, Kathrein supports customers and partners in applications for logistics, industrial automation, retail, healthcare, and vehicle identification. The Kathrein Solutions business model is based on the global Kathrein Sales Network and a very strong partner ecosystem with highly motivated and experienced AutoID and IT specialists.


  • Hardware: The Kathrein UHF passive RFID hardware portfolio comprises best-in-class stationary and mobile readers, UHF antennas with a read range of a few centimeters up to several meters, and security transponders.
  • Software: The Kathrein “CrossTalk” application software integrates any kind of AutoID, RTLS, or sensor device into IT applications and IoT platforms. The modular CrossTalk suite therefore reduces complexity through standardization and many pre-configured features, visualization, and business content.
  • Service & Support: Kathrein offers a wide portfolio of blueprinting, implementation, rollout, and maintenance & support services, as well as project management and training courses.


  • Hardware Manufacturer RFID Read/Write Devices, Barcode Scanners
  • Data Carrier Manufacturer UHF Transponders
  • Manufacturer of RFID Components Antennas
  • Provider of Process Integration, Middleware, Complete Systems
  • Special Issues Simulation
  • Hardware Distributor RFID Read/Write Devices, Barcode Scanners
  • Technologies RFID
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Core Competencies

Kathrein Solutions is the leading Auto ID Hardware and Solution Provider for

  • Industrial Automation
  • Intra Logistic Solutions
  • ITS/AVI Vehicle Identification Solution
  • Retail Logistic Solution
  • 3D antenna / application simulation
  • 3D transponder development and measurement
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