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RFID Technology and IoT Platform Solutions

Mojix is a leading connected business solutions company that provides wide-area RFID solutions, IoT software platforms, and cloud and mobile development services for IoT and big data applications. We are leaders and innovators in fixed infrastructure sensor networks that collect, store, analyze, and interconnect data from multiple sources including RFID, GPS, and other sensor devices. Mojix IoT software platforms maximize intelligence at the edge and provide big data scalability.

Hands-Free RFID and Big Data Analytics

The STARflex™ RFID reader combines unmatched performance and location capabilities with a highly flexible new interface design optimized for cost effective, easy-to-deploy solutions for enclosed environments such as real-time retail inventory tracking, ambulatory patient flow management, and indoor asset tracking.

TurboAntenna™ is an advanced RFID antenna that enables, for the first time, real-time, hands-free inventory for retailers. Real-time RFID delivers eye-opening opportunities to boost customer service, execute omnichannel fulfillment, and streamline in-store operations.


  • Hardware Manufacturer RFID Read/Write Devices
  • Manufacturer of RFID Components Read/Write Modules
  • Technologies RFID
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Core Competencies
  • Mojix STAR high sensitivity reader features:
    • passive RFID tags can be read at 200 meters!
    • real-time locating of passive RFID tags
    • single point for command and control
  • Passive RTLS: With Mojix, companies deploy inexpensive UHF passive RFID tags for real-time location tracking
  • Ubiquitous real-time visibility across all assets with a single Mojix STAR system
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