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Bosch is dedicated to establish internal and cross-company RFID standards | Part 1

Articles | By PR RFID im Blick | 11 June 2013
RFID case for automatic re-ordering in internal Kanban processes RFID case for automatic re-ordering in internal Kanban processes Photo: Robert Bosch GmbH

Approaching Standardization

Bosch has taken up several activities for rolling out standardized RFID solutions over the last few years. By the end of 2012, a central organizational unit was established to promote further development of RFID solutions at Bosch, based on the standards developed in RAN (RFID based Automotive Network). The goal is to obtain uniform information along the supply chain using AIDC technology like RFID and barcode and to make it available to the users. Further, the objective is to build cross company solutions to enable role-specific information exchange in real time between relevant partners based on standardized processes.

By Andreas Müller, Bosch

This solution is built on agreed standards. While some already exist, many are yet to be specified in detail; however, there are also fields without any specifications as of now. The topic of “unique identification of pool containers” currently plays a key role at Bosch since many process steps in the supply chain can be automated through the identification of containers using RFID tags.

RFID as trigger

Basically any AIDC technology works well with the solution currently implemented at Bosch. Still RFID is the preferred method. The advantage of this technology lies in the ability to automatically obtain data in the physical process flow, and compared with the barcode solutions, it does not rely on direct visual contact with the moving objects. Moreover, RFID enables a higher degree of process automation. While barcode solutions often require manual data correction, RFID usage aims for totally automated data acquisition. This asks for a higher level of data quality and process quality but offers the largest potential for savings due to the high degree of automation.

Automated replenishment processes

Bosch started the RFID rollout in 2008. The plants in Homburg and Bamberg developed the internal, internationally available standard for RFID applications as pilot applications. The solutions developed were released for a global rollout after a stabilization phase and continuous improvement in the processes. Meanwhile, a project team from Homburg represented Bosch in the RAN research project and implemented the first cross company solutions. The prototypes developed within the scope of the research project are now being implemented step-by-step into standard applications. As a result, Homburg is still the home of an RFID center of competence even after the RAN project was finalized. This center supports the further development of onsite solutions in the plant and in the business division.

In part 2 Andreas Müller presents the topic of lean principles in the physical process and puts current pilot applications at Bosch into focus.

The complete article was published in the March issue 2013 of the magazine „RFID im Blick“.

Listen to Manuel Baumbach, director Kompetenzzentrum RFID for Diesel Systems of the Robert Bosch GmbH at the RFID Conference 2013 on September 10, 2013 in Dusseldorf. In his lecture he talks about RFID in the supply chain OEM-supplier at Bosch.

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