RFID Multi Frequency Readers From Elatec Provide Future-Proof Applications

Articles | By Elatec | 11 July 2013
Elatec readers support almost any transponder technology. As multi-frequency readers, they enable future-proof installations. Elatec readers support almost any transponder technology. As multi-frequency readers, they enable future-proof installations. Photo: Elatec

Technology mix increases the migration pressure

In the area of ​​payment systems and access solutions in hospital canteens and bistros RFID technology is well established. However, if not a complete system is installed, occasionally many different sub-systems are created. This results in having to work with various reader modules for device manufacturers. „The migration pressure is especially in Europe huge, as the technology landscape is rugged“, says Stefan Haertel, Department Director RFID at Elatec. Readers who master not only multiple radio frequencies, but also nearly all transmission standards and modulations, provide investment security and added values and cost savings in innovative applications.

Mr Haertel, RFID systems for access control are established solutions. Where is the problem?

In particular companies that are acting globally, and present in many locations, which are using RFID systems for access control or payment in the canteens, increasingly have difficulties because there have a bunch of technologies to master worldwide. In some cases, standard solutions are running parallel to non-standard solutions as well as proprietary systems. When new applications have to be installed, these technology sub-systems created by many different suppliers provide problems. It starts with the coding procedures of transponders that have a user-definable serial number. How does the number have to be interpreted? Should the number be read from the front to the back, starting in the middle or should the first and the last number be omitted? Even the use of standard transponders at the installed readers become an obstacle.

How can these difficulties be prevented or excluded in advance?

We see the strength of our multi frequency reader at the point of using technological sub-systems. Although we are not specifically involved in the area of access control systems, we support, for example, the manufacturer of vending machines, which has received an order to equip them with a reader that can be integrated smoothly into existing RFID systems. The readers are not the core business of the machine manufacturer. If he has to provide different readers for any transmission technology such as Mifare, LEGIC, Honeywell Nexwatch, HID iCLASS or TIRIS, he is confronted with high costs. A multi frequency reader that not only can read the RFID frequencies used in the access area, but also can handle any used standards, the diverity is enormously reduces.

Globally operating companies make high demands on technology partner. How do you satisfy these requirements?

As we are almost represented worldwide. We have nine offices in Europe and currently opened an office in Florida, Singapore will follow this year. There are also structurally close-knit distribution partners in Australia, Brazil, South Africa and Japan. The first step was therefore to cover the different time zones to reduce service and delivery times and in the second step we want to tighten up our sales and service networks. Currently, the largest share of applications with Elatec readers can be found in Europe, which is due to a rather jagged technology landscape. Therefore, migration pressure is significantly higher in Europe, as well as the potential for the use of multi-frequency readers. As a counter example, Japan could be mentioned, where the FeliCa technology is being used almost exclusively for contactless ticketing, access and payment.

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