mw4solution: Using RFID to Detect And Avoid Errors

Articles | By mw4solution | 15 August 2013
Since the beginning of 2013 mw4solution has been producing its own RFID labels in-house. Since the beginning of 2013 mw4solution has been producing its own RFID labels in-house. Photo: mw4solution

RFID solutions are to prevent frictional losses

„RFID systems simplify logistics processes and detect errors at an early stage“, says Marc Wegener with regard to the objective of integrating RFID applications into systems. In dialogue with „RFID im Blick“ the managing director of the system house mw4solution provides an insight into integration challenges and solutions.

For which industry branches does mw4solution provide solutions?

Marc Wegener: Well, the number of RFID applications is almost unlimited. Still mw4solution focuses on industry, logistics and retail. Within these sectors RFID usage is becoming increasingly intersectional. Manufacturers for instance have been requesting of their suppliers to use RFID labelling and it's the same with trade and manufacturers. This requires a common „language“. Yet open-mindedness is most important for the mw4solution team. Each new field of application combined with the suitable RFID solution broadens horizons which is a profit for our customers in the end.

Are there parallels between solutions in the fields of logistics, industry and trade logistics?

Marc Wegener: „The journey is the reward“. In short: Everything produced by the industry should arrive at the consumer with as little frictional losses as possible. Therefore a unified system chain is inevitable. RFID systems simplify logistics processes and detect errors at an early stage. The kitchen furniture industry suits as a good example in this case. If a manufacturer picked the wrong worktop, this will be already apparent when comparing the delivery note at the loading ramp using an appropriate RFID system, so this error can be corrected quickly. Thus costly subsequent delivery is being avoided. Of course this princliple applies to all kinds of internal and external company logistics – the smallest deviation from the plan causes costs. A well-coordinated RFID system quickly detects and minimizes errors.

Which are the differences between these sectors for the system integrator?

Marc Wegener: Our middleware partners and our team of course already have a broad range of experience. Basically it's the job of an integrator to connect RFID systems with existing enterprise software and to uncomplicatedly integrate handling. For the system integrator the differences are more than managable. Furthermore staff training at the company as a matter of course is possible by request.

What do your customers expect of you? What do you offer?

Marc Wegener: The conceptual formulations are individual and different. Sometimes small single products are to be detected on a pallet, in other cases only the pallet identification is concerned, in yet other cases solutions for metal and fluids are required. In the end of course our customers want an optimally fine tuned future-proof solution.

With our expert knowledge we counsel companies beyond the task for now. That is because RFID systems offer a lot of visions which need to be taken into account from the very beginning. Often it starts with a small test facility, still experience shows that once companies and employees are convinced of RFID, the desire to integrate other ranges of application grows. We keep that in mind at all solutions that we implement.

How important is the partner network mw4solution?

Marc Wegener: Our partners are extremely important. Together we develop suitable software for the individual concepts of our customers. It's also very important to work out new fields of RFID applications in a team. This requires a lot of expertise, trust and common thinking. We have this connection to our partners. Thus often an idea becomes a vision that we realize together with customers.

Please outline the facts about your company.

Marc Wegener: mw4solution was formed in 2006. Our subject is RFID for every purpose. We provide comprehensive consulting, develop and implement RFID projects. Our team takes care that the software as interface allows smooth interaction between the goods management systems. We supply coordinated system components and consumables. Since the beginning of the year mw4solution has been producing labels. Thus we can react even faster and more flexible to our customer's wishes. Sustainable solutions are being used by our clients as well as in-house. Thus we use heat pumps and a photovoltaic system at our new seat in Bad Oeynhausen to achieve more efficiency.

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