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Protection Against Theft Using RFID by RAKO in Kenia

Articles | By RAKO Security-Label | 24 October 2013
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RFID integration successfully completed at the end of September

Until September 30 the company Rako Security Label implemented an RFID integration solution for a Cologne fashion company in Nairobi. Despite difficult conditions the RFID system for protection against theft including analysis software could be implemented successfully.

Rako provided the project's hardware and software, as well as IT integration services and held training courses. The complete project implementation includes a checkout solution, protection against theft using RFID hard tags for article protection at the store exit, mobile inventory, as well as an analysis software for reportings and analyzing inventory differences. Rako supplies hard tags with integrated EPC tag for article protection for the fashion company, hand readers for inventory come from the company Nordic ID, software is by Enso Detego. IT integration was carried out by a big African IT service provider headquartered in Kenia.

„Thanks to the excellent cooperation with our local partners and the encouragement of our RFID experts we were able to install the solution successfully within a very short time“, says Michael Hedtke, Rako Security Label.

Merchandize theft prevention

Main reasons for integrating the RFID solution were curbing inventory differences through protection against theft and detecting stock exactly in the future as well as analyzing store data. According to the Theft Barometer, the total global shrinkage in 2011 is equivalent to 1.45 percent of the global retail revenues. „In countries on the African continent the losses caused by theft are estimated to be even higher than in Europe. 40 percent of the losses are the result of employee theft“, says Michael Hedtke.

Startup in spite of difficult conditions

The terrible hostage drama in a shopping center in the Kenian capitol Nairobi in September made the whole world hold their breath for many days. In such a situation companies have to consider carefully whether the assignment can be completed in time without endangering employees on site. Despite the difficult conditions Rako was able to get the application operating within just five days. The initial operation was carried out completely remote. The service provider's employees as well as the end customer's employees were trained online. Rako did the IT and online training as well as the process training for store employees of the end customer.

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