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Company Profile

Contrinex Sensor | Sensors Safety RFID Contrinex

Swiss Sensor Specialist

Founded in 1972, the Swiss sensor specialist Contrinex is today a multinational group with over 600 employees worldwide. The product range includes sensors of all kinds, from conventional standard sensors to high-performance devices that push the detection properties of sensors to their physical limits and give this sensor manufacturer its essential difference.

High- and low-frequency RFID tags and read-write modules

High- and low-frequency RFID tags and read-write modules are a specialty of Contrinex. In particular, the ISO 15693-compatible HF system is very userfriendly: the user can connect the read-write modules directly to an RS485 fieldbus to build a network of up to 253 read-write modules. Contrinex has developed a Powerlink interface especially for this system.

It connects the Powerlink and EtherCAT fieldbuses to ContriNet, the fieldbus for custom Contrinex RFID systems. A single interface is sufficient for a ContriNet length of up to 200 meters and a maximum of 31 HF read-write modules. With this addition, Contrinex now provides HF interfaces for the fieldbus systems Profibus, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, Profinet, Powerlink and EtherCAT.


  • Hardware Manufacturer RFID Read/Write Devices, Hybrid Systems (Barcode and RFID)
  • Data Carrier Manufacturer Passive Transponders, LF Transponders, HF Transponders, Miniature Transponders
  • Provider of Process Consulting, Complete Systems
  • Special Issues Counterfeit Protection, Research
  • Hardware Distributor RFID Read/Write Devices, Hybrid Systems (Barcode and RFID)
  • Technologies RFID , Wireless Sensing
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Core Competencies
  • Performance: high and low-frequency RFID systems to meet the most demanding requirements of industry
  • Networkability: full range of interface devices; direct connection to RS485 bus (HF)
  • Difficult environments: full-metal tags; tags for temperatures up to 250 °C; tags embeddable in metal
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