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Articles | By Logopak Systeme | 13 January 2014
The pallet labeling system Logomatic 920 RFID with on metal tag function The pallet labeling system Logomatic 920 RFID with on metal tag function Photo: Logopak Systeme

Labeling systems

Individual Solutions by Logopak Through Labelling According to Demand

As the demand for labeling increased, individual solutions were more and more requested, says Lars Thuring, Strategic Development Manager at Logopak. This applied not only to the choice of the right label material, but also to labelling solutions he continues. Logopak Systems has been producing its consumables in-house for ten years and supplies labeling systems specifically designed for this purpose, also for RFID labels.

Reliable label identification starts already with placing. Logopak offers a solution to control the RFID tags' quality. Which advantages does this solution provide?

It is crucial for our customers that the barcode's readability is checked after placing. We want to keep this advantage also for RFID. The RFID tag is not integrated into the label, but separated and written with the data first. If a tag is broken, it is removed and another one is used. After the RFID tag was successfully written, it is stuck to the back side of the barcode label and afterwards both components are placed on the pallet together. This procedure guarantees the highest possible barcode and RFID tag readability. The procedure is software-controlled, whether with or without RFID tag. The advantage is that the RFID tag can be dropped if the pallet receiver does not use RFID. A proprietary controller ensures that barcode and RFID content are identic.

The pallet labelling system with RFID Tag-On-Demand technology enables RFID labelling according to the demand. In which applications/industries do you currently see a special need?

Most of the requests we receive concern intralogistical applications or the field of logistics. This is probably due to the fact that that costs and ROI can be easier calculated in these applications. A typical application is the safe detection of pallets which are transported from production to an internal interim storage facility.

Demanding production environments often require special solutions. How much „special“ is inside these printing systems? In other words: Do you notice an overall trend towards individual solutions?

Yes! This year Logopak will again register a futher increase in machine deliveries. The requests are spread more and more widely. This is why it's important to be able to react more flexibly. The demand for labeling solutions increases even further which is also due to new requirements for „Track and Trace“. Thus the number of different areas of application rises. Individual solutions are needed while these solutions are based on our 1000 times proven basic systems „Logomatic“.

Logopak offers hardware and software solutions from one source and produces its consumables in-house. Which further and new developments in the field of labels and labeling systems is Logopak working on?

Even higher cycle rates are requested for labeling. More user-friendliness as well as easy integration into existing ERP/MES systems becomes more and more important. As we develop our sytems with more than 90 percent in the vertical range of manufacture – including printing systems, software and hardware – we are independend so we can quickly realize new requests and demands. The option of a one-stop-shop is used more and more often. That means we can deliver anything to the customer from one source, from labeling solutions, to consumables, to service and trainings.

Which trends in the field of RFID do you see for 2014?

The topic of 'Industry 4.0' will for sure have further effect on labeling solutions and production systems. With regard to automatic labeling of metal products and containers we thus see new options for RFID.

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