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Rako Security-Label starts Tapme and RFID in the Cloud

Articles | By RAKO Security-Label | 19 March 2014
Broad range of applications for NFC Smartphone Tags Broad range of applications for NFC Smartphone Tags Photo: Rako Security-Label

Consumer Market

NFC and Cloud for End Users

Self-adhesive NFC stickers – for private use, as electronic business card, for contactless location-based settings, or to set the alarm clock automatically when the smartphone is put onto the nightstand – there is a broad range of creative possibilities. In addition to the online NFC label shop tapme.eu, Rako Security-Label starts the RFID Cloud to allow companies and end users to manage their RFID devices independent of time and place.

NFC Tag Sets Alarm Clock Automatically

With the increasing spread of NFC capable smartphones, the potential of contactless applications rises. As of now, Rako Security Label sells NFC Smartphone Tags online on www.tapme.eu. The self-adhesive tag with NFC-Forum Type 2 NTAG203 chip has a diameter of 35 millimeters and 144 Bytes of memory. Users can program the tag themselves for different purposes, for instance, to activate smartphone profiles automatically, set the alarm clock, or load music playlists.

RFID Cloud Facilitates Maintenance

The Rako RFID Cloud allows for central management of connected RFID devices. All RFID hardware, detected by the reader, is connected to the cloud automatically via the internet, configured, and added to the inventory with a unique ID. The inventory data base manages the device settings, among other things, including modification history and localization. When the configuration is changed, user and time stamp are saved. Thanks to remote management, the cloud application can recall the current device status and display different parameters, such as read errors, within the last hour. Error detection and debugging can be done remotely. An alarm is sent via email or SMS accoring to a predefined escalation level.

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