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exceet Card Group: barcode-whisperer transmits barcodes from any smartphone to any POS system

Press Releases | By exceet Card Group | 16 April 2014
Kundenkarten-, Gutschein- und Payment-Barcodes lassen sich schnell und absolut sicher von jedem Smartphone-Display in jedes Kassensystem übertragen. Kundenkarten-, Gutschein- und Payment-Barcodes lassen sich schnell und absolut sicher von jedem Smartphone-Display in jedes Kassensystem übertragen. Photo: exceet Card Group

Ever heard of barcode whispering?

The barcode-whisperer is revolutionizing the mobile couponing & loyalty market: Quickly and absolutely securely, barcodes on loyalty and voucher cards, as well as payment barcodes can be transmitted from any smartphone display to any POS system. The contactless transaction between the mobile phone and the POS system is possible via the scanner thanks to new, patent-protected, optical transmission, or through the use of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

Scanners and corresponding barcodes on products and customer cards have become essential elements in retailing today. Smooth data transfer using these components saves time and therefore hard cash. But very often communication fails due to incompatible technical equipment. A large number of widely used scanners cannot read the codes shown in the “mobile pocket” customer card & shopping app. Now exceet and bluesource provide a solution to this problem: They have developed a scanner that can meet the requirements: the barcode-whisperer. This device can transmit barcodes from any smartphone display to any POS system.

Barcode “whispering” using a smartphone

When the “whisper” button is activated, the appropriate app will transform loyalty card, voucher card or payment barcodes into a set of changing color sequences that are understood and transcripted by the barcode-whisperer. This “whispering” function can be easily integrated into any iOS, Android or Windows app – in our mobile-pocket app, it has already been implemented. The barcode whisperer can be easily integrated into existing smartphones and POS software and can immediately import the corresponding data into the respective accounting or CRM system after establishing a connection. Depending on what is needed at the POS, it is also available with an NFC chip which enables the contactless and secure exchange of data over short distances.

Mobile loyalty & mobile payment solution

With the barcode whisperer, exceet and bluesource have created a standard that can identify product, coupon and customer data and immediately enables contactless payment at the checkout. For retailers, this product is an ideal way with which to inexpensively upgrade their own POS system to a scalable solution for use in the areas of mobile loyalty & mobile payment.

About mobile pocket

The mobile-pocket app complements traditional customer loyalty programs and transports them into the world of the smartphone. Any bonus or loyalty card is available digitally. Over 1 million users benefit from additional offers and vouchers from numerous business partners. For companies, mobile-pocket represents an easy and quick way of launching mobile marketing campaigns for existing and new customers. Since the smartphone is the most personal and most direct channel to their own regular customers, marketing expenses can be reduced and their efficiency enhanced.

About exceet Card Group

exceet Card Group AG combines the strengths of global leaders of RFID, dual interface and chip card manufacturing. The Group‘s innovative product portfolio extends to design, development, consulting, production, personalization and lettershop, making it one of the leading full-service providers of smartcards, NFC solutions and readers. In the mobile solutions area, the exceet Card Group offers mobile services, identity safeguards, secure payment solutions, authentication of online services and cloud computing access.

About bluesource - mobile solutions gmbh

Founded in 2001 in the Austrian Software Park Hagenberg, bluesource – mobile solutions gmbh specializes in professional solutions for the fields of mobile loyalty and mobile payment. Its business segments are the products mobile-pocket and barcode-whisperer on the one hand, and the implementation of mobile marketing and corporate apps on the other. Customers and business target groups include trading companies, healthcare companies and client organizations that operate or initiate programs for regular customers.


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