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Solcon Systemtechnik: RFID Based Localization Is Taking Off

Articles | By PR RFID im Blick | 16 April 2014

Identification and Localization

RFID based indoor and outdoor localization solutions, as well as the combination of active and passive RFID technology, are in the process of expansion, says Dr. Gerd Schneider, Managing Director at Solcon System Technology, in an interview with “RFID im Blick“. Coming from the sector of mobile carriages and industrial PCs, Solcon nowadays increasingly develops innovative RFID applications, combined with solutions which have been established for a long time in the company. “We are not linked to any particular technology, so we can offer the best possible solution“, says Dr. Schneider.

By Jan Phillip Denkers, “RFID im Blick“

More than 20 Years of Experience

Dr. Gerd SchneiderDr. Gerd SchneiderStarting with the idea of developing and manufacturing electronically operated light vehicles, the company Solcon Systemtechnik was founded more than 20 years ago. “The fact that this was not the best time for electromobility turned out to be a fortunate coincidence for Solcon. The engineers used their know-how in the field of power supply to develop mobile carriages for laser printers to be installed on, for instance. The mobile carriages and the development of PCs suitable for industrial environments form the basis of our current activities. This becomes clear when you consider the fact that IPCs make up about 43 percent of our overall turnover“, Dr. Gerd Schneider describes the startup of the Lübeck company in dialogue with “RFID im Blick“.

Successful Technology Combinations

For more than five years, Solcon has been implementing RFID solutions using passive as well as active technologies. The process which was to be optimized determined the technology, says Dr. Gerd Schneider. “Together with our customers who usually know their processes in great detail, we develop a suitable solution. As we can refer to different technologies, we have many options of concepting the ideal solution.” The combination of different technologies is one of Solcon's main focuses. “For instance, mobile scanners are located indoors using active RFID technology and their position is determined. For mass object identification, however, passive RFID tags are detected“, Dr. Gerd Schneider explains the application of a Local Positioning System (LPS), enabling the advantages of GPS localization to be used also in enclosed spaces.

Radio Scanner Localization in Logistics

Within the last three years, Solcon has implemented the solution called “Radio Scanner Localization“ in more than 40 projects, including such companies as the logistics service provider Rhenus, Hellmann, Kühne und Nagel, as well as Fenthols. “One of RFID technology's major challenges is to generate qualified events from the huge amounts of raw data. Solcon usually provides all hardware and middleware for RFID and localization solutions. We use systems we developed ourselves, as well as components we buy directly from the producer“, Dr. Schneider describes the RFID activities at Solcon.

Localization of Robot Claw Arms

Solcon recognized an increasing interest from the manufacturing industry especially in RFID based localization solutions, Dr. Schneider notes. “We recently put an active identification and localization system into operation. The goal was to be able to quickly and flawlessly identify and localize gripper assemblies which were under construction and meant for robots which are placed on mobile work stations in a big production hall. By means of this information, the production manager can, for instance, prioritize individual orders and channel them more quickly through the rest of the manufacturing process. Another option is that the employees add missing parts or carry out finishing works on the grippers without having to search for the concerned objects. Search times could be reduced so much that the ROI could be achieved quickly despite the higher costs of the active transponders.“ This solution can also be transfered to automobile manufacturers or reprocessing companies. There, the challenge was to find the searched vehicle as quickly as possible in a confusing amount of parked vehicles, says Dr. Schneider.

Future Potentials in Asset Management

“We currently receive requests from companies that want to optimize their asset management. In this case the challenge is to ensure an automated or at least semi-automated and thus significantly accelerated stocktaking process using RFID technology. This is a field where we see a big potential“, Dr. Gerd Schneider concludes.

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