Winckel: RFID bridges the Gap between Production and Management

Articles | By Winckel | 04 June 2014

Linking operational data and business data bears an enormous potential to increase efficiency. Processes in the world of manufacturing are normally handled using controllers (PLC) with connected sensors and actuators. Order processing, materials management, warehouse management, and production planning are, however, rooted in the world of ERP systems.

Ideally, separate booking procedures connect both worlds. Yet, there are often considerable periods of time between the physical production process and the appropriate booking. Prompt reactions are impossible. Furthermore, calculation-relevant production times are often missing completely.

Winckel has bridged this gap between production and management at MOSCA GmbH, a leading strap manufacturer, by consequently introducing RFID into production. Immediately after production, all products are equipped with an RFID tag and marked with a unique article and serial number. At the same time, production-relevant data is stored in a database. From this moment on, the data is available for further production control, packaging, planning, controlling, and allows for traceablility. As a result, maximum transparency is provided for all sections.

The permanent matching of virtual control levels and the physical product level ensures maximum product safety. Article data, such as dimensions, are available any time for packaging and commissioning.

RFID technology is also used to control logistics. In the future, further upstream and downstream processes are supposed to be implemented into the installed RFID information system, as well.

The ROI for this solution is less than one year.

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