Mojix Brings Real Time Inventory Solutions to the RFID Conference 2014

Conference News | By MOJIX | 10 July 2014
Like in 2013 already, Mojix will also present innovative RFID solutions at the RFID Conference 2014. Like in 2013 already, Mojix will also present innovative RFID solutions at the RFID Conference 2014.

'Hands free' inventory also pays off for smaller companies

Mojix, a technological pioneer in locating passive RFID transponders over distances of up to 200 meters presents solutions for 'Brick and Mortar' companies at the RFID Conference 2014 – retailers with customer contact taking place in shops and stores.

„Due to rapidly growing e-commerce, the whole retail sector is on the move. Shop operators and affiliates are looking for innovative solutions to keep up with the growing competition from the internet“, reports Roelof Koopmans, Manager of Mojix Europe, and adds: „Retailers increasingly ask themselves the question how to optimize their processes on technological base. With the unique Mojix technology we can bring transparency into processes that provides companies with the necessary advantage.“

Focus on Retail: Automatic Inventory in Real Time

The passive RFID technology by Mojix allows retail companies to realize permanent inventory in real time. Thanks to transparent stock control without the need for one employee to walk across the sales area with an RFID handheld, a whole range of added values can be generated, says Roelof Koopmans: „The Mojix system does not only save working time and manual processes, it also enables completely new business models. Based on real time inventory, a shop operator can use his shop floor as warehouse, so to speak, and inform customers via his online shop in real time about which products are in stock. Thus, also the dispatch of articles, ordered online, can be realized significantly faster.“ Together with partners, Mojix systems can be integrated into complete solutions to show retailers new ways of process optimization based on real time information from the store, visible in the backend.

Mojix SpeedLab: Indoor Location of Objects with Passive RFID Technology

The option of locating goods also in closed rooms based on cost efficient, passive RFID transponders, opens many fields of application that Roelof Koopmans will explain in the Speedlab at the booth of Mojix. „With the special technology of the Mojix Star System it is possible to locate passive tags indoor without any problems. This increases the transparency of the supply chain and movements on the shop floor and provides a permanent inventory or increases loading safety in logistics centers for instance. Tracking important documents is possible without further ado. In the SpeedLab we will show the participants the performance and the comprehensive applications of passive transponder location“, explains Roelof Koopmans.

About Mojix

The company Mojix was founded in 2004 and had the vision of making quantum leaps in terms of detection, read range, and scaling of RFID technology with its experiences in the fields of aerospace. The Mojix Star System increases the accuracy for the detection of passive RFID technology and achieves unprecedented detection rates when it comes to tracking articles and goods within the supply chain and the company itself. The results achieved by the Mojix Star System give companies the opportunity to make full use of RFID solutions and to use them economically.

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