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Articles | By FIS Organisation | 22 July 2014
Fiscard provides cards with many different materials, like PET, PVC/PC/ PVC and also cards of real wood and biodegradable materials. Fiscard provides cards with many different materials, like PET, PVC/PC/ PVC and also cards of real wood and biodegradable materials. Photo: FIS Organisation

Full Service Provider for any kind of Plastic Cards

Fis Organisation has always put its focus clearly on the capability of supplying their customers at any time with the desired identification media at an attractive price. Regardless of whether the customer requires a standard card such as Legic, Mifare or Hitag, or a completely new transponder to be developed. A customer appealing to Fis Organisation, will be satisfied – as far as it is realizable in view of physical limits and the available budget.

Production capacity of about 30 million pieces

With this high level of demands, Fis Organisation has built up a network of global technology partners; among them manufacturers and research laboratories with both local manufacturers and industrial plants in the Far East. In theory, the available production capacity – including all partners – mounts up to round about 30 millions pieces of identification media per month – supplied by production plains with a total area of about 150000 sqm.

Combining competencies in one company

Today, Fis is capable of using the best production technology available on the market in order to meet the customers demands. In this context, core competencies of several companies are included in order to create a product which cannot be produced by one single company. In the high-security sector e. g., specific technologies which are known to be producible just partially by one single company are combined. In order to reproduce this identification medium illegally, several companies would have to incorporate criminally – which is, however, extremely improbable.

From conception to market launch

Another example is the following case: An RFID manufacturer has developed a technology with excellent electric and logic characteristics, but does not have the necessary technology to transfer it to other types of construction or designs. In this case, Fis can be a valuable connector managing the complete process chain from the conception up to the market launch.

The product range of Fis contains

Plastic cards and identity cards

Fiscard provides multi-hybrid cards with up to 3-5 different technologies, like UHF-Gen 2 + Mifare DESfire + em4102. The only limit are the laws of physics.Fiscard provides multi-hybrid cards with up to 3-5 different technologies, like UHF-Gen 2 + Mifare DESfire + em4102. The only limit are the laws of physics.This product division has been the specialty of Fis Organisation since 30 years now and is thus almost all-embracing. From historical types of coding as e.g. inductive to the latest technology as e.g. UHF Gen 2 or Mifare DESfire EV1, plastic cards can be printed and personalised in any way and manufactured of any prevalent material. Innovative combinations such as PVC/PC/PVC can also be realised. As there are differences between the particular plastic cards, Fis differs up to 9 degrees of whiteness and thermic characteristics. In the field of hybrid cards, even combinations which actually do not work, can be realised. Even technologies with the same frequency can be realised partially by means of finetuning and the respective know how. An example of its capacity was shown in the year 2001. At that time, UHF technology was almost unimaginable for simple plastic cards. However, Fis had already realized the first 3-fold hybrid card by order of a customer with UHF and Mifare technology and an integrated pki chip. Today UHF Gen-2 cards are standard – even as hybrid medium.

Cardprinters and software

In the finishing process of a card it is often necessary to personalise and initialize media on location. For this purpose, Fis provides a wide range of card printers of leading manufacturers. Software can be either a standard solution such as Datacard ID-Works or the freely-programmable in-house software for complex applications. The national and international service is provided both by in-house engineers and cooperations with wellknown partner companies.

Keyfobs and special types / modules

In this division the product portfolio is also quite widespread. Whether it is a simple plastic reasonably priced RFID keyfob or a high-quality handmade keyfob of leather with special haptics or a hybrid keyfob with 2 or more different technologies. In the case of individual demands by the customer in view of design, it can be realized at relatively low costs. The product range also contains a huge amount of different wristbands for events, baths and theme parks. In this connection special requests such as e.g. for the hospital sector or customized printing can be respected. In addition to that, the product range of Fis contains identification media of any kind for fixation on body or clothing. In this context the RFID smartclip can be mentioned exemplarily. It can be worn at a watchstrap, at clothing with a crocodile clip, at the bunch of keys or at a lanyard. In the case a standard product does not meet the customers’ needs, a customer-specific solution can be developed.

Transponders for AIDC applications

In the field of AIDC transponders, Fis does not target the mass market with millions of transponders, but puts its focus on small and medium sized projects with up to 200 000 transponders, where innovative solutions have to be developed. For this a wide product range of standard types for any kind of fixation and purpose is at the customer’s disposal. Full efficiency, however, can be experienced by the customer in context with tricky or innovative assignments of tasks. Thus, Fis is able to develop individual solutions in cooperation with its technology partners, which cannot be developed by one single company.

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