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COT Computer OEM Trading: New RFID Printers in the 8 Inch Segment and Cost-efficient Entry Level Model in the 4 Inch Segment

Articles | By COT | 15 August 2014
Application Example: Identification and tracking of load carriers with permanent RFID tags Application Example: Identification and tracking of load carriers with permanent RFID tags Photo: COT Computer OEM Trading

Printer Integration

Solution Business and Software Offer Will Be Extended

AIDC expert COT continues to extend its solution business and software offer. The printer specialist thus strengthens its presence as full service provider in the field of RFID: „We actively address the market with RFID solutions. At the same time, more and more companies, especially from the automotive sector, come to us, as they require complete solutions. With tailored solutions for closed loop applications, the use of RFID can pay off quickly, even at a low invest, reports Eiko Gramlich, RFID distribution at Computer OEM Trading, in an interview with „RFID im Blick“.

Eiko Gramlich, RFID distribution at Computer OEM Trading, in an interview with Dunja Kandel, „RFID im Blick“

New Printers for 4 and 8 Inch Labels

Currently, COT is working on a new generation of the 8 inch printer R8U. „We specifically want to address customers with this new model who have to process paper in DIN A4 format. According to the plan, the successor of the R8U is going to be launched in the market in two to three months.“ Moreover, COT has been working on the development of the 4 inch RFID printer RC4U. „For this attractively priced printer, we currently see an interesting market potential in the 4 inch segment as an entry level model for pilot projects, applications with low printing volumes, or reprinting at the workplace.“ Due to the use of standard materials, the device reduces handling expenses during operation.

Software Development Completes Product Range

Developing its own software components completes COT's product range. From labels, different transponder types, such as on-metal-tags, and printers, to stationary or mobile scanners – the company is capable of implementing projects completely in house with solutions from a single source. „We are now completely set up to support the customer in the realization of his RFID project to full extent, including on site tests that ensure the feasibility in a real environment. The customer can take advantage of our own software components that can be used in the standard. Together with our partner Membrain, we are capable of implementing even big inventory projects in the field of RFID, up to warehouse management systems.“

RFID in Closed Loop Applications Pays Off with Calculable Invest

„Our experience has proven that RFID projects amortize very quickly, especially in closed loop applications. Application examples are such as the tracking of lattice or kanban boxes in closed returnable cycles, where objects regularly pass the incoming and outgoing goods department. In the field of on-metal, we have already implemented many projects with a volume of less than 10,000 Euros including software. Thanks to manageable costs and a number of labels and readers that is determined in advance, as well as a predefined software package, the ROI can be achieved in less than one year, depending on the case, since the solution is not impaired by costs that arise in open systems. Basically the following principle applies: When a manual process is replaced, the costs amortize already after a very short time. Therefore it is also important that hardware, software, and consumables are perfectly attuned to each other.“

Label Printing is a Demanded Special Competence

With mature standard components, but most of all the internal development of custom-specific solutions and software, COT is fully positioned. „For the most part we use standard components in RFID projects. In most cases this is also demanded for reasons of cost“, says Gramlich. „With regard to hardware, we can meet the requirements of our customers with the standard printers of our partners and, of course, our own printer developments. If an adaption is required, we do it. However, especially in the field of RFID label printing, more and more custom specific adaptions are required. Therefore, software and solution competency plays a major role particularly for printer control. Furthermore, labels need to resist special requirements, depending on the use case, so that the implementation has to be individually adapted in terms of glue and surface. When it comes to compentence in label printing, we also provide consulting services for other label producers in RFID projects.“

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