Contrinex offers Sub-Bus for RFID LF and HF Readers

Articles | By Contrinex Sensor | 11 November 2014

For Industry 4.0 applications – particularly in production and logistics – the inter-systemic exchange of process data becomes more and more important

With the most recent Version of the industrial fieldbus, called ContriNet, both, LF- and HF-readers can be driven. „This function expansion allows us not only to read and write onto different tags of the same frequency, but also to do the same with tags of different frequencies using multiple read/write modules“, explains Klaus Böhmer, SEO, Contrinex. The majority of people benefit from higher flexibility in the application and cheap linkage, but the users that reside in production and logistics benefit the most. Integrating new interfaces, the company adapts to the growing exchange of process data in Industry 4.0 applications.

Klaus Böhmer, Senior Executive Officer, Contrinex AG in an interview with Dunja Kandel, „RFID im Blick“

Mister Böhmer, with ContriNet for the HF-product family, Contrinex already offers a single interface for up to 31 HF-read/write modules. What are the benefits of a solely software solution?

Klaus BöhmerKlaus Böhmer RFID-tags of closed systems, in which the tags are reused in a cycle are often to be found in logistics. In a sorting plant, or if the tags’ positions are not clear, multiple read/write modules can be connected serially via ContriNet, and can be brought to the field bus via a single interface. The installation time and costs can so be reduced drastically.

In these days, Contrinex is launching a new ContriNet that even offers the possibility to drive a mixture of HF-and LF-readers. What concrete practical benefits for the user arise from that?

Imagine a warehouse in which various tagged objects are to be stored. Metal items are marked with a tag made out of stainless steel, others – such as plastic- or wooden boxes are tagged with cheaper plastic-tags.

Reading stations with read/write modules of different frequency which are necessary when using the tags mentioned will communicate serially and only via an interface with the controlling unit. It could not be easier.

Sensors, RFID and reader driving play a key role in the context of Industry 4.0. To what extend is Contrinex prepared for this development with its product portfolio?

At Contrinex, industry 4.0 is already reality. Our sensors have IO-Link integrated as standard interface. Every user can decide if he wants to run our sensor binary or if he wants to use the additional information and opportunities over this communication interface. Regarding RFID, the generation and consumption of data is the key element. Process data is exchanged with the higher level control system via field bus interfaces. But, this exchange must be organized in a way that it leads to a tangible advantage instead of an uncontrolled flow of data. From the applicants point of view, the topic „Track & Trace“ is of increasing importance. We can also propose solutions with RFID there. In my opinion, all complex production facilities, such as in the automotive or food industry and from the processing to the packing play a leading role.

What other new- or further developments are in the focus of Contrinex‘ product strategy?

In the field of high-temperature applications, we offer a tag that can run with temperatures of up to 250 degree Celsius. If you take that literarily: For example, a tag can be read out immediately after passing a painting line, there is no need to worry about a cooling time. The material goes without saying is silicone free. . At the SPS/IPC/Drives in Nuremberg, we will present the first optical sensors that are equipped with the new ASIC. This ASIC is so far, the most complex part of our 25-year long ASIC-development experience. We will consistently offer here an IO-link as we are doing it with inductive sensors in principal and as standard. So, all product groups of Contrinex are able to communicate with the control units.

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