sttID - scemtec RFID Reader/Writer supports anti-counterfeiting and brand protection

Press Releases | By scemtec Transponder Technology | 02 December 2014
HF Midrange Reader / Writer series SIR 2720 from sttID HF Midrange Reader / Writer series SIR 2720 from sttID Photo: sttID - scemtec

sttID has further developed its HF Midrange Reader / Writer series SIR 2720 so that the chip generation EM4237 designed by company EM Microelectronic Marin is fully supported.

The first high-secure ISO/IEC15693 compliant device offering unequalled RF performances and enabling efficient and secure solutions for anti-counterfeiting and brand protection. The EM4237 is the first ISO/IEC15693 compliant device that offers long range performance with the same security mechanisms than those already in use in the ISO/IEC14443 world.

The device’s security measures are based on public stream cipher technology used to safeguard the memory data integrity and to ensure communication confidentiality between the EM4137 IC and the reader SIR-2720.

The 2k-bit of data memory can be protected by setting the appropriate access conditions and access rights. After a successful mutual authentication process, data communication can optionally be encrypted (secure messaging) and the data integrity can optionally be protected by a 4-byte MAC (Message Authentication Code)

In addition, the data can be used for optimization of production and logistics processes. Information such as maintenance intervals, repair services or warranty claims can documented directly on the object and the encryption will prevent the unauthorized access to confidential data.

The SIR-2720 supports the full EM4237 protocol and by the 1,6 Watt output power it achieves a reading range of up to 80 cm (with transponder in ISO card size).