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Hexagonal lenses (called VTT Fly- Eye) are a recent innovation of VTT. VTT Fly-Eye allows the movement of full-size and partial images. The viewer can see from all sides for a kind of “swimming”-effect. Hexagonal lenses (called VTT Fly- Eye) are a recent innovation of VTT. VTT Fly-Eye allows the movement of full-size and partial images. The viewer can see from all sides for a kind of “swimming”-effect. Photo: VTT

VTT develops and produces highend lamination plates with innovative security features for the production of cards worldwide.

ID-documents and security badges must necessarily feature state-of-the-art technology to be as secure as possible from forgery. The basis for the production of a card is the lamination plate. In card production, security features in different gradations are integrated into the card and onto its surface. As worldwide leaders in this sector of technology, VTT develops and manufactures high-end lamination plates for governmental and private companies. Using innovative developments, VTT wants to revolutionize some of the market fields regarding production efficiencies.

Jan Köther, Head of Sales, VTT Verschleißteiltechnik GmbH

Cards were ‘insecure’ up until the turn of the millennium

Jan KötherJan KötherDue to the aftermath of the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11th 2001, the demand for security features on ID-cards rose suddenly. The development of new features has continued since then, particularly regarding the increasing globalization and mobility of civilians.

Global partner of state printing offices

VTT manufactures tens of thousands of high-end lamination plates per year for several hundreds projects, and so supplies approximately 70 to 80 percent of the state printing offices in the world. Apart from these state-owned enterprises, customers also include manufacturers of bank and credit cards, tickets and access cards, as well as manufacturers of customer and membership cards. Regarding the persistence of the material used and the quality of the security features, VTT is virtually the market leader. The company remains more of a partner than a supplier, since advancements are developed in tandem with the customers.

High-tech security in and on the card – also with RFID

VTT is able to realize lamination plates with interior as well as raised security features on one plate. Microtexts can be generated and inserted up to a type height of 50 μm. The design and finish of the surface are additional quality characteristics of the plates. Therefore, state printing offices and private companies can create matte as well as glossy finishes in the production of cards. It is possible to realize nearly any design ideas. VTT produces lamination plates which are perfect for integration of RFID, due to having no chip and antenna image transfer. Only the ISO-specifications regarding the thickness of the card must not be exceeded.

Durability makes VTT’s lamination plates unique

The hardness and scratch resistance of VTT’s lamination plates ensures they have an extremely long life. If a plates were to get scratched, it can be repaired by VTT at a reasonable price. Still, today, other competitors on the market sell plates that get scratched after just a few months and cannot be repaired due to the fact that the materials used are too soft. As a result, these plates would become useless.

World leader from Lower Saxony, Germany
World leader from Lower Saxony, Germany

Precision for a more efficient card production

Using lamination plates designed by VTT, efficient productions are possible since absolute reliability of the quality and the embossing of the ordered plates can be guaranteed. A cassette system can also raise the manufacturing precision of cards and identification documents. This precision is required for the production of high-value identification cards in particular. A steady high quality with no fluctuation leads to less additional working steps. Thus, the efficiency of card production can be increased considerably.

The revolution in 2015

Normally, the implementation of security features in a lamination plate is time-consuming, and material- and cost-intensive. In 2015, VTT will present a world first in the field of hologram technology which will make the application of elements similar to holograms considerably easier and more cost-efficient. VTT’s high degree of innovation can also be seen in lamination plates for the production of flexible data pages for ePassports with integrated RFID-transponder, for example, which improves the smooth application into a passport.

With continual research and development, the increasing demand for integration of more and more different security features on one card can be met. Many ideas were brought in from the outside and, so far, all requests for new or refined features have been answered positively. It is always about refining and improving. As in design, there are no boundaries for the technology. Only economic considerations are decisive for the feasibility of new ideas.

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