English February Edition „RFID im Blick“ 2015

Issue Archive | 05 March 2015
Chip Technology and RFID in Fashion

Report: RFID and Fashion in 2015Report: RFID and Fashion in 2015

RFID technology is an enabler of a sustainable success in stationary trade and multi-channeling. Manufacturers, providers of logistics services, and traders are aware of the challenges. But which technological solution is optimal for each situation? Where is the perfect entry point for each business model? In the “RFID im Blick” fashion report , technology experts and users talk about the diverse potential of RFID and share their provable experience. Their exclusive insights give the right answers to the question: what are the benefits of the use of RFID and how do they compare to the implementation effort? Conclusion of the numerous interviews: Those, who exclude RFID from the considerations regarding process optimization, may leave an enormous potential untapped.

Topics taken up by the report:

Is RFID too expensive? | Who doesn’t see the chance – loses? | Where RFID does not pay off yet. | Logistics optimized, errors reduced: costs lowered! | NFC – The innovation in the store? | With high-speed into the metropolises

Interview partner are: Henny Jordaan - TMO Fashion Business School, Roland Leitz - Adler Modemärkte, Wolfgang Grupp - Trigema, Ralf Scholl - WÖHRL Mode und Textilhandelsdienstleistungen, Holger Henning - Ernsting‘s family, Henry Taubald - Basler Fashion, Tim Hotze snd Mattias Praetorius - Panalpina, Dr. Michael Goller and Maria Stumpfl - Detego, Andreas Lorenz - Nedap Retail, Alexander Gauby – Sys-Pro


Report Chip technology, Smart Cards, NFC 2015Report „Chip technology, Smart Cards, NFC“ 2015

Ten interview partners - 22 pages – figures and facts – markets and trends. In the “IC, NFC and Smart Card” report, key players of the semiconductor industry, scientists, manufacturers of card readers, as well as providers of RFID and NFC solutions, discuss the latest developments. How is the market for RFID-ICs changing? How will RFID, NFC, and sensor tag technology be effected by the newest chip developments? What features do the new generation of Smart Cards have?

RFID-strategy of the chip manufacturers. How is NFC changing the world? Multi-application at the Smart Card. NFC-technology in the year 2015!

Interview partner are: Holger Winterhalter - Advanide, Ralf Gräfe - Intel IoT Ignition Lab, Jozsef Miho - Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe, Jörg Suchy - Samsung Semiconductor Europe, René Herschmann - Triovacos, Fabian Rau - Exceet Card Group, Frithjof Walk - Feig Electronic, Hajo Sandschneider - Comprion, Alexander M. Schmoldt - Murata Elektronik, Stefan Schmidt-Egermann - Certgate


One card for ticketing, payment, access to public mobility servicesOne card for ticketing, payment, access to public mobility services

In Stuttgart, Exceet is involved in the realization of a solution that is so far unique in Germany due to being the first Service Card to successfully combine ticketing, access, and payment. It is intended that the people can use public transport and car sharing services, get access to outdoor swimming pools and libraries as well are able to pay contactless with a Smart Card. Talking to “RFID im Blick”, Fabian Rau, Head of Segment Logical Access Solutions, Exceet Card Group, tells about the challenges regarding the solution- and card development. Moreover, he explains the almost limitless possible uses and potential project expansions.

Project EMLog – RFID in use at the rescue vehicleProject EMLog – RFID in use at the rescue vehicle

Catastrophe logistics, emergency services, or energy suppliers – the immediate and fast availability of equipment is in many areas of highest priority. In the project EMLog “Effiziente Material-Logistik” (“Efficient Material Logistics”), the HLI examines possible uses of RFID-technology to assure a reliable and quick identification of equipment as well as the control of maintenance circles, of, for example, emergency- and service vehicles. Two thirds of the project has now been completed. Detlef Aßmus and Alexander Tesch, HLI, give a first interim conclusion: RFID is technically mature to be used and is further transferable onto other industrial use cases.


Partitalia: Waste Management as Key Application Area for UHFPartitalia: Waste Management as Key Application Area for UHF

Partitalia, Italian provider of complete RFID solutions, sees interesting opportunities on the German market. In the interview, Luca Del Col, CEO, and Luca Maria Olgiati, Export Manager, Part Italia, explain the product focus and market orientation of the company, and gives an outlook for future developments in the smart cards segment: „Our solutions have already raised great interest in Germany, and we could win several customers, particularly in southern Germany. Many companies know us as a company with competencies in Security, Access Control, Time & Attendance, and with several projects, that have been applied and succesfully aproved in the „real field.“ Another major field, in which the readers and tags of the company are in operation, is waste management.


RFID in logistics at Basler FashionRFID in logistics at Basler Fashion

The fashion company Basler is convinced of the RFID-technology. In October 2014, the start signal for an application was given that is increasing the transparency of packed goods in the supply chain. The company’s COO, Henry Taubald, regards the technology as the right step to face the growing challenges in the fashion area with economically viable solutions. What added values can already be noted in the logistics and what steps could follow tells Henry Taubald in an interview with “RFID im Blick”.

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