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We deliver data for perfect decisions

Since 2005, 7iD has developed individual and tailor-made high quality RAIN UHF RFID solutions, from technology assessment to operation. All of our reliable RFID applications are based on our GS1 standardized RFID middleware, which guarantees secure investments and manufacturer independence.

We are proud that customers in different industries all over the world trust 7iD’s in-depth industry knowledge as well as our powerful RFID software, which can be easily integrated into new or existing processes. We deliver the best RFID solutions with perfection in mind and customer satisfaction is our benchmark. Leverage our experience to gain visibility in your complex operations like FORD Motors and many more.

Superior and reliable RFID applications

In addition to our RFID solution business, 7iD offers superior RFID software products for indoor or outdoor location tracking, asset management, or inbound or outbound logistics optimization:

  • DIP Device Integration PlatformTM: A reliable and GS1 standardized RFID middleware that enables system integrators to roll out RFID solutions faster and more sustainable.
  • 7identifyTM: Easy to use do-it-yourself RFID software for companies who want keep control over their data flow.
  • 7iD Asset ManagementTM: Fast, easy and reliable RFID asset tracking software running on Android handhelds.
  • 7iD Location TrackingTM: An RFID software that enables you to track any kind of unit in multiple locations.


  • Provider of Process Consulting, Process Integration, Software Connectivity, Middleware, Complete Systems
  • Special Issues Cloud Services, Standardization, Research
  • Technologies RFID , NFC , Wireless Sensing
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Core Competencies
  • 7iD has been successfully implementing UHF RFID solutions for more than 12 years with profound industry knowledge in automotive, productions and logistics
  • We offer system integrators a reliable and GS1 standardized RFID software for a rapid implementati on of industrial projects
  • 7iD ensures the success of your project through reliable service and maintenance
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