sttID - scemtec prsents UHF system for safe vehicle identification on Innosecure 2015 in Velbert

Press Releases | By scemtec Transponder Technology | 20 March 2015
UHF system for safe vehicle identification UHF system for safe vehicle identification Photo: sttID - scemtec

To optimize the access of vehicles with authorization e.g. to company's premises or company parking lot, sttID provides an RFID-based system for barrier control. Parking space management optimizes the utilization of the parking area, increases the parking space accuracy and generates reports on average parking time or parking time by user.

To support an effective Perimeter Protection sttID provides different UHF readers and UHF antennas for reliable vehicle detection. The system consists of UHF reader, UHF antennas and UHF transponders. The readers and antennas can be easily implemented into new or simply retrofitted in existing barrier systems, to provide parking access only to authorized vehicles. The UHF transponders can be attached to the windshield or directly on the number plate.

With the help of a scemAccess configuration, the UHF Reader can work as a "stand-alone" device. The reader software operates autonomously and takes over the management of UID numbers. The "stand-alone" solution has the advantage that the functionality can also be used in case of insufficient IT-networks. Digital outputs control the opening of barriers or switching of light signals.

Modern UHF long range systems ensure comfortable and easy parking by using all advantages of a reliable and future-safe technology. An annoying handling through the open side window is a thing of the past.

Innosecure 2015: 22 to 23 April 2015, Forum Niederberg Velbert, Germany

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