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exceet: A Camera-less Gesture Control System – Low-cost and Durable

Press Releases | By exceet Card Group | 25 March 2015

exceet electronics GmbH, a company of exceet Group and a specialist for complex electronics, is offering a new solution for controlling devices via hand or foot gestures. The system functions entirely without costly and delicate camera technology.

The innovative exceet control system is based on electrical field lines, and the changes that occur in these lines as a result of physical gestures. The low-cost technology can be installed in a wide range of devices.

Traditional solutions available on the market operate with the aid of cameras, which record movements and transmit them to the control system. But this is a rather expensive method because it relies on sensitive and damage-prone camera equipment. A further difficulty is processing the large quantities of data generated by the cameras.

Perfect for Industry, Medicine & Consumers

exceet now provides a gesture control system that relies on electrical lines of force as the basis for gesture recognition. An intelligent circuit identifies a recognized movement as a gesture, which then serves as the input signal for the control system. Different gestures, e.g. circular or up-and-down movements, alter the field lines and transmit these changes as a signal to the control device. The system only registers field lines that change, and will accept only such changing lines as impulse generators. For this reason, gesture control is not affected by other “random” elements such as water droplets or dirt particles on the control panel. These static elements do not alter the electrical field and therefore cannot generate a control impulse. The exceet gesture control system is therefore ideal for use in industrial environments or in the medical field.

Depending on customer requirements, the gesture control system can be encased or shielded using a variety of non-conductive materials, e.g. glass, plastics, wood or ceramics. This yields a wide range of potential uses: In building services, for instance, the new exceet technology can be used to control an electrical window blind via hand gestures. This makes electrical switches and manual cable pulls obsolete and keeps them from interfering with the optical layout. Because the exceet gesture control system is very compact, it is also ideal for locations where structural limitations make it difficult to install traditional controls, or where design considerations make a visible control device undesirable.

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