Mojix Announces the ViZix™ Platform

Press Releases | By MOJIX | 16 April 2015

Enabling Dramatic Improvements in the Realization of Benefits to the Connected Enterprise

Mojix® Inc., the leading provider of wide-area sensor network solutions, is pleased to announce the release of its ViZix™ business intelligence software for Internet of Things (IoT) Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). ViZix™ is an IoT business intelligence platform designed to integrate sensor data, reporting and visualization options, creating a truly agile connected business.

Up until now, software used in many AutoID and IoT solutions has been costly to implement, and has struggled to efficiently handle multiple high-speed data streams from a variety of sensor types. This has been the case, for example, in the manufacturing and oil & gas sectors. Today, thanks to Mojix's innovative ViZix™, clients have the power to collect, store and analyze data that is constantly updated through RFID and other sensors in real time. Mojix clients can more fully realize the money- and time-saving improvements that real-time business metrics enable. Companies can bring true agility to these internal processes, creating new efficiencies, savings and an improved customer experience.

Connected businesses benefit when time-sensitive information is presented in formats that are easy to understand and act upon. Mojix has created an integrated development environment (IDE) that allows for businesses to customize customer rules and interfaces that are often otherwise prohibitively expensive and rigid. By leveraging an advanced visualization schema, ViZix™ transforms sensor data into interactive maps, images and reports valued by business users, providing a rich user experience and reducing cost and deployment time.

Typically, software used in many AutoID and IoT solutions has struggled to optimally process multiple high-speed sensor data streams. ViZix™ boasts a powerful rules engine supporting processing of high-speed data streams at the network edge, thus empowering solutions to process and act on relevant information in real-time.

"A decade of experience deploying wide-area RFID solutions confirms that our customers value RFID and other data only to the extent that it can improve their business in meaningful ways," said Mike Kastner, Sr. Vice President Sales and Marketing at Mojix. "By capturing relevant information and acting on it in real-time, ViZix™ can deliver immediate business impact and help clients transform their business. The release of ViZix™, and the recent completion of our Series D round of funding, demonstrate how Mojix continues to build momentum as the global leader in wide-area sensor network solutions."

ViZix™ is currently being deployed to support a wide range of use cases in industries spanning from IT and manufacturing to the oil & gas industry. ViZix™ compliments Mojix industry leading solutions including the STAR 3000 wide-area RFID system, and OmniSenseRF TM Advanced Inventory Management Solution for Retail.

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