Radio6ense and CAEN RFID present the RADIOscan Kit

Press Releases | By CAEN RFID | 28 April 2015
Radio6ense and CAEN RFID present the RADIOscan Kit Photo: CAEN RFID

CAEN RFID, a global provider of UHF RFID products, together with Radio6ense, a start-up company spin off of the “Pervasive Electromagnetics lab” at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, announce the release of RADIOscan Kit, a complete tool for battery-less wireless RFID temperature sensing.

RADIOscan KIT is a complete equipment for a quick implementation of wireless passive sensor networks. The RADIOscan Kit comprises a USB RFID reader based upon the CAEN RFID QuarkUp module, a CAEN RFID qIDmini Bluetooth RFID reader, 5 T-sticks and 5 T-cards RFID temperature sensor tags and the RADIOSCAN software application, a graphic user interface for advanced data acquisition and augmented-reality representation.

Combining a simple to use and flexible software application with the RFID wireless sensors it is possible to set-up a monitoring system in just few minutes and 3 easy steps: Shoot, Identify and Sense. You can Shoot a picture of your environment, place the sensor in the environment and Identify them on the picture, Sense the environment and get the data directly on the picture.

RADIOscan Kit is well suited for civil infrastructure industries, monitoring and security of industrial plants, large-scale retail trade and pharmaceutical industry, demotic systems, cold chain and internet of things applications. All the components of the RADIOscan Kit are compatible with the EPC C1 G2/ISO 18000-63 RFID standard thus the system can be easily integrated in a standard RFID solution for track and trace, asset management, inventory management or any other RFID application.

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