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Issue Archive | 25 June 2015
RFID-Readers and Factory Automation

Factory AutomationThe Future of Factory Automation

How is Manufacturing’s Future Changed by Industry 4.0? And Where Does RFID Fit in This Future?

At the Hanover Trade Fair 2015, looking to the future was one of the dominant topics: the future of the industry and the future of manufacturing. All voices present at the trade fair – exhibitors, politicians, and trade associations – agreed that this future is already beginning now. But how many concrete and graspable realizations driven by the visions of Industry 4.0 already exist today? What technologies and innovations are needed to establish a promising future for industrial manufacturing?

Interview partner are: Herbert Wegmann - Siemens | Dr. Ursula Frank - Beckhoff Automation | Stefan Hoppe - OPC Foundation | Peer Kohlstetter - LIV Tec | Olaf Wilmsmeier and Jörg Hehlgans - Harting Technology Group | André Bixenmann, Frank Neuwirth and Peter Winzeck - ifm Electronic


RFID Readers 2015"RFID Readers 2015" Report

What is the status of RFID-reader technology in the year 2015? The answer is that the technology will be further refined, optimized regarding functional capacity, and combined with other technologies. In the field of passive UHF-technology, adaptive antenna technologies with self-optimizing options and selective reading integrate additional intelligence into the devices, create extended analysis functions, and lower the integration effort. The combination of RFID-technologies with sensors, overheads as a “new” class of reading systems, as well as active RFID-system solutions with alarm and localization functions, expand the application range.

Interview partner are: Simon Arch - AEG Identification Systems | Dennis Fuchs and Stephanus Becker - Feig Electronic | Thomas Brunner - Kathrein RFID | Uwe Bartels - Deister Electronic | Andreas Lorenz - Nedap Retail | Lars Bornemann - Bornemann AG | Reinhard Jurisch - Microsensys | Roger Kochendörfer - iDTRONIC | Frank Rissler - Honeywell Scanning & Mobility


RFID tomorrow 2015RFID tomorrow 2015

Developer Day + User Day = RFID Power

Already for the fifth time in a row the international RFID journal "RFID in blick" invites users, technology providers, and all interested parties who want to change processes in the future using the RFID technology, to the two-day Conference in Düsseldorf, Germany. For the first time, five specialist forums with each 8 or 10 lectures are offered in 2015. Covered topics include RFID as technology and RFID in industrial automation, logistics, maintenance, access control, healthcare and security, as well as in retail logistics. The venue is new – the van der Valk Hotel in close proximity to the Düsseldorf International Airport.

Review of the
Hannover Messe 2015Review of the Hannover Messe 2015

EU-commissioner Oettinger calls for a European digitalization strategy for Industry 4.0

At the reception addressing the European politics of the VDMA, EU-commissioner Günther Oettinger and representatives of the German industry called for a common European pathway regarding Industry 4.0. “Who has got the data, has got the power,” stated Günther Oettinger. In order to prevent Germany becoming the junior partner of the US, a successful digital strategy only works when designed and implemented by EU institutions. The EU-member states’ national governments have a maximum of five years left to develop European standards.


All Frequencies are Equal!All Frequencies are Equal!

LF and HF systems are increasingly falling by the wayside for potential users of RFID technology, although with no good reason, says Simon Arch, AEG ID. “Just because ‘UHF’ is currently the word of the moment, it doesn’t mean that UHF solutions are always the most appropriate. Physical forces cannot be disregarded and often the core functions of UHF RFID, such as anti-collision features and high read ranges are absolutely not required.” Simon Arch explains, in interview with ‘RFID im Blick’, why LF and HF have a valid place in the future in numerous applications in industry, logistics, access control or Inventory.


RFID Optimised For Retail
in both Form and FunctionRFID Optimised For Retail in both Form and Function

Besides different sector-specific features, the design of the applied RFID readers is more important in the retail environment than in any other sector. “RFID readers that are used in the store must fit as seamlessly as possible into the overall visual concept”, reports Andreas Lorenz, Nedap Retail. The Sales Director speaks with ‘RFID im Blick’ about what paths are chosen and which technological RFID reader innovations have become part of large roll-outs in the retail sector. Nedap Retail also considers easy integration, the benefits for Omni- Channel Concepts and the scalability of investments are benefitting classic retail stores.

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