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RFID tomorrow 2015: 160,000 Valves at Copenhagen Energy - How do I Get the Information I Need?

Use Cases | By RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow | 30 July 2015
RFID tomorrow 2015: 160,000 Valves at Copenhagen Energy - How do I Get the Information I Need? Photo: Veriloc Automation

Using RFID technology, every asset of Copenhagen’s drinking water network is registered and centrally managed by Hofor (Copenhagen Energy)

Each year, 50 billion litres of water flow through Copenhagen’s 2,000 kilometers of water network, supplying one million residents in the metropolitan area with their daily water needs. This is a mammoth task for regional water provider Hofor (Copenhagen Energy) and for their service staff, who regularly maintain 160,000 valves across the city. Hofor uses strict controls to ensure high quality fresh water standards and currently employs the integrated RFID solution of Danish system integrator ‘Veriloc Automation’, as part of its web-based operation.

Interview with Christian Almskou, Managing Director, Veriloc Automation ApS

Technical Solution to Improve Maintenance

Christian AlmskouChristian Almskou Hofor produces drinking water in seven regional waterworks and eight local facilities, with water pipes in the Copenhagen area using 160,000 valves to regulate water flow. Christian Almskou from Veriloc Automation explains that Hofor was looking for a technical solution to improve maintenance procedures, whilst maintaining water quality. „The RFID solution we developed with Hofor supplies all related documentation and completely replaces paperwork. It also gives centralised access to maintenance data in near real time, covering all aspects of the company’s network and pumping stations.“

Access to data where it’s needed: on the job

“Currently,” continues Almskou, “Hofor and Veriloc work jointly to tag all water network valves on an on-going basis in Greater Copenhagen. The valves are equipped with RFID tags, some specially made by AEG ID, and all designed specifically for harsh environments.” Pipes, shut-off valves and other components in the pumping stations are equipped with different types of transponders, depending on the component. The integrated Veriloc solution includes RFID readers that interact with both Android and IOS smartphones and tablets. Veriloc has written a dedicated app that enables the communication with the RFID reader and with the webbased service portal, where all information on components needing maintenance is stored.

RFID tomorrow-2015Christian Almskou, Managing Director at Veriloc Automation, speaks at the RFID tomorrow 2015 on the 29th of September in Forum 2 - "RFID in Industry" about:

"Asset Management in a Utility Company as HOFOR (Copenhagen Energy) Using RFID and Software-as-a-Service Solutions"

Zero paper, 100 per cent RFID

Service personnel on the streets of Copenhagen can quickly and easily access the portal via their smartphones to get relevant information such as valve type, manufacturer, geotagged installation and date of last inspection directly onsite. User manuals or service videos can also be downloaded onto the mobile device. “This is particularly useful when you’re dealing with older components,” says Almskou, “As engineers may not know exactly how to repair them and, all-importantly, the system’s service log can be accessed by all employees.”

The result: Asset management in real time, for a clean fresh water supply

“Before the RFID solution was implemented, all this information was only available on paper,” says Almskou. “Now, automatic data capture gives Hofor full transparency in real time. Important service data is available for employees onsite, where it’s needed and, with all data available on the web portal service log, this RFID-based solution also allows predictive maintenance. For example, leakage check results can indicate whether a component needs replacing in the future. The service portal also provides information on repair contractors and if a leak is discovered, a message can be sent directly to the company appointed for the job. This is just part of the solution helping Hofor ensure a high quality fresh water supply.”

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