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Live at RFID tomorrow: Kathrein RFID shows smart RFID-Solutions for the Supply Chain

Conference News | By Kathrein | 06 August 2015
Live demonstrations for you to try out yourself at the booth of Kathrein RFID Live demonstrations for you to try out yourself at the booth of Kathrein RFID

Kathrein RFID is sponsor of Europe’s biggest RFID/NFC event, held on 28th and 29th of September in Dusseldorf

Future visions such as Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things require intelligent technological solutions. Identification technologies like RFID will form the backbone of process design in the future. However, in the future, merely identifying tagged items will no longer be sufficient – as there will be a huge demand for smart systems.

Kathrein RFID has already made its goal to design RFID systems that allow companies to shift from stand-alone solutions to cross-supply-chain solutions without creating information breaks in some of their processes.

New reader ARU-CSB at RFID tomorrow: Intelligence and detection of direction innovatively combined

At the beginning of 2015, Kathrein RFID presented the ARU-CSB RFID-reader series that, thanks to an embedded industry PC, is not only suited for analyzing captured data and adding algorithms, but that can also enrich this data with value-adding information using the integrated direction detection. At RFID Tomorrow, Kathrein RFID will present the ARU-CSB as a series-production product for the first time.

Michael KaiserMichael Kaiser “Almost all processes in the manufacturing, logistics, and retail or parking space management industries are connected to the movements and statuses of objects before and after identification. We address exactly these elements with our new solution. Neither light barriers, nor camera systems or similar solutions are required. The ARU-CSB covers identification as well as the detection of direction and the smart processing of all data captured in this process,” explains Michael Kaiser, Sales and Project Manager at Kathrein RFID. In his lecture “RFID for Intelligent Supply Chains – Data on the Move”, held on the 28th September – RFID Tomorrow’s Developer Day, he will illustrate the potential of RFID-hardware that is designed for not just identification, but to cover whole logistics processes.

Forum 1
Developer Day

RFID, NFC and Sensor Systems
Transponders | ICs | Readers | Printers | Sensor Systems | Software

28th of September 2015 | 11:30am until 6:00pm
Then Evening Event: Open Kitchen and Live-Music

Live demonstrations for you to try out yourself at the booth of Kathrein RFID

The SpeedLab “Transparent supply chain processes through intelligent RFID systems”, held by Sales Manager Emre Gürbüz at the booth of Kathrein RFID on the 29th September – the User Day – from 9:45am to 10:15am, as well as from 2:15pm to 2:45pm, demonstrates in a vivid way how flows of goods are identified and localized using smart RFID-hardware.

Emre GürbüzEmre Gürbüz “With our live demo at RFID tomorrow, we offer all interested participants the opportunity to get in touch with intelligent RFID-technology from an entirely new perspective. Instead of informing participants about technical refinements, everybody – experienced user or technology newcomer – can manage a consistent solution for supply chains themselves. All processes are visualized in real-time,” Emre Gürbüz looks ahead. “With our technology, users do not get a ‘photograph taken at the finish line’ when the object is identified at the outgoing goods department, but rather they receive a continuous ‘movie’ consisting of all process steps. This is the way the vision of Industry 4.0 has already become a reality today.”

Retailers, parking space managers, and ERP-specialists are welcome at the booth of Kathrein RFID!

“Products from Kathrein RFID are already established in processes of industrial production and logistics. With our ARU-CSB product line, we now also focus on innovative solutions for the retail sector and parking space management. Multiple applications in one device can be realized with integrated detection of direction,” says Emre Gürbüz and adds: “In particular with our live demonstration, we will address interested attendees who work in the ERP or backend system area and render RFID-solutions more tangible by showing them in practical use.”

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