RFID in Fashion Retail: From Proof of Concept to Roll-out with Checkpoint Systems

Articles | By Checkpoint Systems | 20 August 2015
Checkpoint Systems at the RFID tomorrow 2015: “RFID Omni Channel Solution - Improve shipping speed and accuracy from source to shopper” Checkpoint Systems at the RFID tomorrow 2015: “RFID Omni Channel Solution - Improve shipping speed and accuracy from source to shopper” Photo: Checkpoint Systems

Implementation of strategy and change with RFID

Traditional fashion retailers cannot avoid RFID if they want to position themselves on the market so as to be ready for the future, says Geert den Hartog, Checkpoint Systems: “As a result, the technology change from EAS to RFID is the first logical step to implement a strategy change.” Johannes R. M. Vilmar-Burgert affirms, “RFID provides digital stock and creates the conditions for promotional Omnichannel retail concepts.” The full-service provider sets strategic focus on RFID and aligns the range of hardware, software and consultation to help retailers with the technology change.

Johannes R. M. Vilmar-Burgert and Geert den Hartog, both of Checkpoint Systems, in an interview with ‘RFID im Blick’

Geert den HartogGeert den Hartog “We are ready and able to operate Omnichannel solutions from source to store. Hence we have intensified our focus on counselling.”

Why do you claim that the time has come for a technology change?

To keep up with the “Smart Shopper”, a technology change from traditional to digital fashion retail is inevitable. Deploying RFID is the first step, because this technology provides the conditions for digital stock and the basis for the second step: communication with the customer to increase customer satisfaction and to provide a better shopping experience in order to sell more. When we advise users on how to align strategically for the future, RFID is clearly in focus.

Does that mean there is a clear strategic focus on RFID, although Checkpoint Systems has traditionally offered EAS?

RFID is our number one focus. Investing in R & D, we have shifted our focus from electronic article surveillance hardware, which has been our “bread and butter business”, to RFID. Also new is our continuous alignment as a service and solution provider. We can fully support retailers who have obtained article surveillance solutions from us for a long time, or distributors who have bought our labels, with comprehensive RFID solutions to carry out the technology change. We are ready and able to operate Omnichannel solutions from source to store. Consequently we have intensified our focus in counselling.

Johannes R. M. Vilmar-BurgertJohannes R. M. Vilmar-Burgert “The greatest potential lies in the sales floor. If the infrastructure already exists, the technology change to RFID is only a small step, and will provide rapidly noticeable benefits.”

What type of approach do you have to consulting?

Proximity to the customer is very important. We have a team of 50 consultants all over Europe and worldwide. They assist users in setting up a road map, running a pilot or scale-up, through to the nationwide roll-out and development of strategies and workshops. The customer has one contact person with expertise in hardware and software, who knows the retail processes well, who understands them and can reproduce these processes. It is crucial that we outline the business case with the appropriate tools: we perform ROI calculations as well as creating KPI reports for our customers, so that the company can generate an individual business report based on the RFID data, while maintaining data sovereignty.

What is the biggest effect of RFID on the sales floor for retailers?

The most common question from retailers is “How do I win more time to serve customers on the sales floor?” The cases of applied RFID technology show that staff spend significantly less time in reserve, and only need one 10th of the time for in-store processes such as product search, stock replacement, or returns shipping. The latter will become more relevant in regards to Omnichannel management as this requires digital stock. As an example: a retailer with store-transfer is deploying RFID for Omnichannel retail. In case the customer wants to pick up the order at another store, the advised product is automatically registered by an advanced shipping notice. This can only be done when inventory accuracy and tagging rate is near to 100%.

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