„RFID im Blick“ Report: RFID in the Oil and Gas Industry

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The Ever Increasing Hunger for Energy

RFID in Öl und Gas 2015Von Stephan Lukow, „RFID im Blick

According to projections made by the OPEC, the energy need will increase rapidly in the next 25 years. In the 2040, 37 percent more energy will be consumed than today. There will be an increased demand for all energy sources – fossil as well as renewables. However, the projected substantial increase in consumption of mainly fossil fuels is a total contradiction to the global climate mitigation efforts and the so-called 2 degree target. A global energy transition like the German model seems to be very far right now. The hunger for energy will surely strongly affect the energy industry, as the increasing demand can only be satisfied by investments in new plants and facilities, technologies, and related services thus making this industry a trillion Euro market.

On the Upswing: Slings for the Offshore Industry

The oil and gas industry has great potential for the use of slings – to use in construction and transport as well as for secure and traceable inspections and inventories

RUD KettenMichael Smetz, Product Manager RFID, RUD Ketten, in interview with „RFID im Blick“

“RUD hardware – the slings as well as the RFID solution RUDID – is ideal for use in harsh conditions. The RUD-RFID solution ensures the durable tagging of slings in the offshore industry.”

For more than 140 years, RUD Ketten has produced slings for use, predominantly, in industry and transport. With each step forward, the components, such as chains, hooks and lifting points, are increasing in size and becoming more powerful in terms of permissible load capacity. Therefore, the chain system expert is always asking which applications require the most powerful slings. The answer brings us to the offshore industry. “During the construction and operation of offshore platforms for energy generation, construction and plant components weighing several hundreds of tons have to be safely transported and lifted within an offshore environment – a perfect scenario for our slings”, Michael Smetz and David Jaramillo, RUD Ketten, in interview with ‘RFID im Blick’.

RUD Ketten Develops Special Solutions for the Offshore Industry

Special solutions are required in the offshore environment where complex components with enormous weights are lifted and transported.

RUD KettenDavid Jaramillo, Manager of Business Development - Marine & Offshore, RUD Ketten, in interview with ‘RFID im Blick’

“There is no doubt that RUD will exploit the huge potential in the offshore industry for special solutions in the coming years.”

RUD Ketten is planning something big for the offshore sector: they will be the first manufacturer worldwide to certify chain slings as a modular system. Offshore expert David Jaramillo explains why this will be a big step for RUD Ketten.


Bringing Connectivity to Hazardous Areas

Lightweight UHF Reader Devices for the Smart and Safe Worker

Caen RFIDDavid Pallassini, Sales Manager and John Hartley, Managing Director Extronics, Caen RFID, interviewed by ‘RFID im Blick’

RFID provides traceability of valuable assets, accuracy and speed of information

For oil & gas, using RFID makes maintenance and servicing more efficient, provides greater clarity on logistics, and enables end to end track and trace functionality. RFID provides traceability of valuable assets, accuracy, and speed of information. The hazardous area specialist Extronics has partnered with Caen RFID to develop a new range of UHF readers for use in potentially explosive locations providing the ability for smart, safe, and connected mobile workers.

Traceability through Real-Time Positioning

Mojix platform solutions support global supply chain management and the safety of workers in the oil and gas industry

MojixRoelof Koopmans, Managing Director Europe, Mojix, in interview with ‘RFID im Blick’

“Falling oil prices have resulted in the need to make savings. Real-time visibility helps to achieve greater efficiency and make savings in the supply chain.”

Falling oil prices have resulted in the need to make savings, with oil companies needing to make the availability of critical assets more efficient and to automate supply chains, explains Roelof Koopmans, Mojix. Real-time positioning solutions based on passive RFID technology create end-toend traceability for a variety of applications: from positioning people on oil rigs, via Asset Tracking in offshore operations, through to the worldwide tracking of materials in global supply chains.

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